Well this just got complicatedMature

“Yuk… what have I put my foot in?” I tired not smile at Rodney scrapping his shoe on the fence. “You take me to all the glamorous places.”

“Stop you’re wincing,” I replied walking ahead, “I need to see if her scent is here.”

I didn’t believe for a second that wild dogs had attacked Mr. Jenkins sheep, the scent would still be fresh and my midnight black and white fur would blend into the night. Rodney had gone by the river already today and found some paw prints by the river bank heading into the forest but lost track of them. After going home after my shift at the bar, Rodney came explaining the paw prints in the forest and I decided to drive to Mr. Jenkins ranch first hoping to catch the scent that would hopefully lead us to tricky female.

“There is a scent in the air, but it’s mixed with the sheep and I need a closer up smell of it.”

“I’ll hold your jacket,” Rodney said holding his hand out, I raise my eyebrow, “it’s too nice to be on this unknown ground.” I roll my eyes but see his point and take my leather jacket off and walk away from Rodney stripping my clothes. Centring myself I saw my wolf form, I growled and felt the power of the transformation take over. I shook my body, stretching my long legs and swished my tail.

I kept low to the ground trying to find the scent or paw prints, Rodney was close by looking for paw prints. The sheep must have sensed my presents as they all dashed off as I crept along the fence line.

Then I caught the scent.

“Well that’s interesting,” I say in my head to Rodney

“So is this,” Rodney says a few feet ahead of me checking out the tracks.

“This is not her scent.”

“No and there’s more than one set of paw tracks here too,” Rodney opens his wings lifting himself off the ground hovering a little further down the road. I walk over seeing the tracks picking up the scents.

“Maybe two or three, two of them smell similar.” I circled the tracks trying to pick up anything else.

“She wasn’t here then or have you found any trace of her?” Rodney asked.

I sit on the ground, flicking my ears to get rid of fire flies, “if she was then I can’t pick up her scent. The ground smells of sheep, humans and this pack.”

“Hmm are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Rodney comes and paces in front of me.

“I’m usually not but, on this case I might be…the pack and our feline scent?” I tilt my head to the side. “They want her.”

“Question is why?”

“And where do the tracks lead?”


We followed the paw tracks going into the forest, only to stop on a dirt track and I lost the scent.

“Now what?” Rodney asked kicking a stone.

I sighed, “let’s just go to the cabin, I can crash there and try again catching her scent in the morning.” A rumble in my tummy reminded me that I hadn’t eaten much today, “you didn’t by any chance drop some food off in the cabin this morning did you?”

Rodney smiled, “of course I did.”

I change back into human form, Rodney gave me some clothes and after promising Rodney I would clean my car we drove off to the cabin with the windows down. We made it to the cabin shortly after and I stopped.

“Kyle what is it,” Rodney whispered seeing the change and watched as I got out of the car. My eyes darted everywhere, my ears straining to hear. “Kyle?”

I breathe in deeply, “it’s her scent.”


The End

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