Little lambMature

I hated waking up to an alarm. I struggled to roll over to turn the darn thing off only to find the noise hadn’t stopped. In one swift movement I ripped the clock cables out and throw it against the wall. Groaning I clambered out of bed and turned the water on for a shower.

After my shower, change of clothes and hot cup coffee I was on my way to work at the bar. I thought of last night wondering why she was passing through, not often someone did, especially in wolf form.

“Hey Kyle you would not believe this girl I took home last night,” Max called as he pedalled on his bike coming up beside me.

I smiled stopping, “good was she?”

“Man I’ve barely slept,” Max boosted I laughed.

“Are you seeing her again? Or was she a one night only girl?”

“Maybe maybe not, depends how lonely I am,” we made it to bar just as the delivery van arrived, “I could do without this today.”

“You and me both,” I replied seeing the van doors open.


“Another drink for you beautiful ladies?” I asked the ladies who were sat at the bar.

“Sweetie, are you trying to get us drunk?” Flirted the long blonde hair girl, she was average looking with too much make-up and deep V-neck dress.

“No darling just making sure you have a good time, Saturday night after all the weekend not over yet and would I be doing my job well if someone didn’t have a drink in their hands.” I picked up her glass smelling it, “a Singapore Sling was it?”

The ladies gasped, the blonde look impressed, “wow you know your cocktails.”

I winked, “I know my nose.” I began to make the ladies drinks, my back to the bar as I grabbed bottles to mix.

Max came to the fridge bringing out bottles of beers, “have you heard about Jenkins?”

“No he won another prize for his cattle ranch?” I asked pouring the drink into glasses.

“Quite the opposite,” Max began, “some wild dogs attacked the sheep in his field, tore some to shreds apparently.”  

“What? When was this?” I questioned.

“Few hours ago,” Max served his beers taking the money coming past me to the till, “fancy lamb curry after work?” 

The End

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