The stranger of my turfMature

 “It’s so sad,” Rodney sobbing his way through the tissue box, while I was mentally banging my head with the empty whisky bottle. “Why did Mr Hottie have to leave me?”

“Didn’t you see him as he went through the pearly white gates?”

“Kyle you know I can’t talk about the aftermath of death, besides I was out partying with you when he died,” Rodney said picking up his used tissues and went to find the rubbish bin and sighed. “Give me strength oh mighty lord, do you ever put this in the trash can outside?”

I rolled my eyes and glanced at the clock seeing that it was 3:36, “why don’t you organise me a French maid to come and clean whiles I go on run…and cleaning my bedroom by the time I come home.”  

“I’ll come with you,” Rodney offered opening the lid carefully not to get any grease on his fingers and putting the tissues in.

“Not that kind of run.”


The scent hit me like a tidal wave making me stop in my tracks. I knew every inch of this forest, every animal, every trail and every scent. But this was a new and fresh. I lowered my head to the ground, moving a few fallen leafs and saw the paw marks. It was a wolf print, judging from the size a female, I moved my crawl carefully and notice the slivery white strand of fur.

I followed the scent, keeping my head low so not to lose the scent and wondered who was on my turf. The tracks stopped at the river bank, I glanced round but nothing stood out, I sniffled around the river bank but couldn’t pick up on anything. I went along the edge of the river, trying to pick something. I swam across the river wondering if I could pick up the scent, but it was gone.

Crossing the river I pondered, she could have swam down the river and climbed out, I hope that she didn’t stay in for long as the river picked up and she could have got caught in the rapids. A yawn crept up my throat reminding me of little sleep I’ve had, then I groaned remembering it was Monday and I needed to be at work early for the new bar stock.

With that in mind I left the scent and ran back through the forest to small cabin that I used for amenities whiles out here. I changed back into human form; going into the side bathroom having a quick wash and pulled some clothes on, annoyed that I didn’t think to bring my work shirt to save the drive back to my apartment in the town.

The apartment the same as I left it, Rodney refused to clean it now even though I could see him twitching when he saw the cluttered sink. I took my clothes off again leaving them on the floor and crashed out on my bed with her scent still playing around my head. 

The End

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