Chapter1:The doorbellMature

When Kyle was young he was was saved by a guardian angel known as Rodney. Years later and Rodney still watches over Kyle making sure he stays out of trouble and keeps his secret safe from the human world.

It was after one in the morning, when I heard the doorbell ring echoing throughout the apartment. I opened one lazy eye hoping the visitor would leave. On the fifth ring I growled and slowly stood up straggling to my feet still holding the whisky bottle. I turned the key, unlocking the chain and huffed seeing the visitor.

“Drinking alone is never a good sign my friend.”

“Then come and join me Rod, or will that darken your soul,” I joked stepping aside allowing Rodney to come into the apartment and drinking from the bottle.

“Yuk… do you have to do that? Surely you have glasses,” Rod commented in disgust.

I smile and take another drink from the bottle, “open new bottle, hey I could call for pizza and we can make this a men’s night in…well a man’s night in.”

Rodney rolled his eyes, “I think you should stop drinking the whisky that you’ve got.” He put his hands on his hips and gave the look that was supposed to look threatening, instead I started laughing. “Grow up will you….so what’s wrong this time anyway?”

“Who said anything was wrong?” I sat back down on the sofa; Rodney surveys the apartment and makes tsk noise.

“Think I should hire you a cleaner,” Rodney says in a disapproving tone, “I thought I showed you how to organise this place, honestly I don’t know why I bother.”

“Oh don’t get your wings in a twist, come and have a drink with me,” I pet the space on the sofa, “I’ll put Fast and Furious 6 on.”

“Hmm ok fine,” Rodney smiled and clapped his hands, “Ooo Paul Walker.”

I rolled my green eyes and found the DVD near the T.V. putting into the player, “I’m not pausing it every time he comes onto the screen lover boy,” I turn to see Rodney pouting. “Ugh I’m going to need another drink.” 

The End

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