Nautica and Etherea, 1.10


"Ishmael?  This is Commander Joshua Caleb and I will be piloting the Jericho on your mission."

"Yes, Commander Caleb.  Are we ready to load?"

"Nearly.  The Quartermaster reports that the provisions are in the last stages of loading and that fueling has begun.  Please be ready to report to Security at no later than 900."

"Commander, I know this may sound trivial to be asking you, but has my colleague Soul been cleared for boarding."

"Yes, Ishmael.  Your cat has received his clearance."

The two tone beep signaled that the Commander was on to other calls.  It was time for Soul and me to pack for what may turn out in all probability to be one way trip to a world we have never known, and to a world that we once remembered.

Soul's eyes said to me, "It's time."


Like the Death of Time, so was the Beckoning Tone that signaled to all in the Center Zone that they were in the final countdown for the Launch Phase of the Recovery Project.  Finally, after centuries of dreaming and after decades of frustrating those dreams, it was finally about to take place.

Isaac felt the countdown begin to tick down in his own soul.  Yet he sensed that there was some ominous, unseen force that even at this late hour would snatch him from his destiny.

Many others heard the Beckoning Tone, among them was Absalom.  The Tone had triggered a countdown in his own soul, but this clock ticked more feverishly, as if a doomsday clock had come to life.

Starlight also heard the Tone, and Starlight knew that the Time had come.

The End

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