Nautica and Etherea, 1.8


"... the world above the water, that is where I dream of ..."  This Rachel, how old is her dream?  Why do her words appear upon the page?  What alchemy is at work here in this place?  These questions were nearly ripping from the fabric of Ishmael's thoughts.  Who was this Rachel?  When was this Rachel?  Why does this Dreamer of God make herself known on the eve of the launch of Discovery?

Ishmael gathered the book and took it with him, down to the lower levels, to the First Level and there he would gather his things from his desk and acquire this book as being necessary for his work as the Historian of the Discovery Mission, the Librarian Ezra would certainly make it so.

Ishmael approached the round glass counter behind which the Librarian and his assistants would make record of the comings and goings of the books, whether they be of the rare and precious paper or the of the memory glass that has become the new material of the written words, pages made of glass and ink made of electrons, books that kept changing with the will of a computer operator.

The Librarian Ezra was an ancient man whose soul had been captured and enslaved by the modern ways.  Grey hair, grey beard, even shards of grey sprinkled through his azure eyes.  There was even a certain greyness in his voice.  To Ishmael, the Librarian Ezra seemed to be a man who could have been wise, if he had not surrendered his spirit  to the order of things.

As he stared at the book that Ishmael had set before him.  The Librarian looked at Ishmael and then the book then back at Ishmael again.  "Old Man, how did you and your cane make it all the way to the Fifth Level? Return on this book, Ishmael should be no longer than 100 hundred ringings of the Bell.  But obviously, Ishmael, that can be so with you.  Return it upon your own return."

"Yes, Ezra.  I do appreciate your special consideration."

"Ishmael," the Librarian called out as i and my cane and now this most mysterious book began to make our way home, "the dreams of many generations will be traveling with you and the Discovery team.  We will be publishing your postings as soon as they come in.  Help us to see what we've never seen before, Old Man, and do not die before you do return."

"I shall try, Ezra, I shall try."

Soul meowed when I returned, wanting to know where I had been and what I had brought home in my return.  I lowered the book toward Soul's sniffing nose and in turn Soul rubbed his cheek upon and began to purr.

That night Rachel's words appeared slowly as did my final arrangements for the coming voyage.  And I wondered over and over again the question, "What must I be sure to not leave behind, for I may be leaving it behind, forever?"


Starlight stared deep into Isaac's eyes as if reflecting upon his words. Then Starlight left before giving Isaac the affirmation that he so wanted to have.  And Isaac agreed.  Now was the time for writing and preparing for the Descent.  The Council has decided that it is best to launch the Craft Endeavour before the forces of the Conservator Party forces a Parlimentary election and in so doing, possibly ending this Recovery dream forever. 

Isaac spoke aloud as if he were hoping Starlight would give a listen,  "Starlight, the fears of the Conservators do have their justification, you know.  It may be the more prudent course not to risk our present purity so well preserved from centuries of isolation from the poisoned world by our foolish arrogance to dare break the Eternal Quarantine.  Yet we who comprise the Rejuvenators, we believe that our origins must be redeemed if we are to truly be who we were meant to be.  We must not be in Exile from our origins forever.  Yes, my purring friend who lives with such indifference to such things, you are correct.  I must ready for the journey.  Yet be not so smug in your contentment, Starlight.  Did I not tell you that will make this journey with me?  Oh, my apologies, old friend."

So Isaac began to ready for the launch, but all the while worrying if the opposition would foil this dream in the eve of its fulfillment and, every now and then, thinking about her.  Isaac often thought about her and about her thoughts that he had not yet come to know.

The End

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