Nautica and Etherea 1.3


To satisfy the ancient longing for a home that we have never known....

These words almost had voice as his pen scratched the paper. 

... so is the soul of the venture we as people now begin.

Isaac was always fascinated by the things that were in existence before he ever was.  Like this romantic fancy with which he did his scribal work, this fountain pen, a museum piece, his Sailor Sapporo.  Somehow the ink and the thought were one as they made their way to life upon the paper, thoughts escaping from the confines of his mind, to live forever in the realm beyond himself.

Oh, he knew that once they dried, he would have to read them into the Recorder, so that they might be registered in the Library of Etherean Knowledge, but now they were an intimate correspondence with his own soul.  The words before him and the thoughts within him, they would converse for awhile to see if they truly were of kindred spirit.

Isaac liked to write beside the tinted glass.  Since the Orbitals were kept positioned always in the life-giving energy of the Sun, the passing of time, the experience of days were controlled the lightening and darkening of the electro-chromatic glass in the windows of their existence.  Isaac most enjoyed writing in the Journal in those minutes between day-light and night-light, when the glass that separated him from the vast outside seemed to become lost in a state of invisibility.  It was the time when the separation between his world and the world beyond seem to momentarily vanish- and he felt as though the eternal life out there and internal life within were no longer foreigners to one another.

Just then, while Isaac had drifted off into the wonder of things, his Siamese cat, Starlight, took his place upon Isaac's lap.  Starlight was more a spirit than a cat, a quiet counselor whose purring seemed to understand the stirrings within Isaac's human soul. 

Starlight, from his royal blue eyes to his chocolate tipped ears and tail that accented his fur, the color of old, old parchment, served Isaac in so many ways.  When Isaac had soul-bearing to do with God, Starlight would listen in; when Isaac had soul-searching to do with God and God had to do with Isaac, Starlight would search with him; when Isaac would cry, he would cry; when Isaac would laugh, he would laugh; when Isaac would write, Starlight would wait and watch until the writing came no more.  Then they would play catch with balls of yarn.

The End

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