JB: Photo shoot


I quickly slung on some jeans and a black tee, shoving my nike trainers on as I went. I raced down the stairs and out the door towards the waiting limo. I knew the boys would be waiting. I opened the black shiny door and jumped in.

"Yo! JB, what took you so long?" Aston chimed, slapping my back. I grimaced.

"Late night," I murmured as I fumbled with my seat belt.

"Ooooo!!" Oritsé shouted, "Stylists and agents 'aint gonna like that!" My band mates each let out a laugh.

"Awh, man! I totally forgot we had the photo shoot today!" I moaned, leaning back into the black leather seat.

"Unlucky!" Marvin tried to stifle a laugh. I pulled the mirror down and tried to somehow cover my black bags, but no matter how much I pulled at them, they wouldn't budge. I flicked the mirror back and yawned. As I settled into the seat, something cold and wet hit my face. I wiped it and I was dripping with water. I turned to see Aston with a cold water bottle, suffocating in laughter.

"Bro! Not cool!" I said to him, laughing a bit.

"At least....you..look and.....feel.......fresh!" He managed to gasp between laughs. I stopped my façade and let out peals of laughter as well.


The End

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