The Unknown Girl

I would ask people to see you from my eyes what a beautiful person you are from in and out... So may faces so many ways of living but still you are not aware of yourself what you are?? Love love

I have started writing about you but trust me I don't know where to start from ??????
shall I write about the eagerness I see in ur eyes when you want to know something ???????? 
or  the starry eyes which twinkles by seeing audi/bmw………. 
or  the plesk eyes which want to play a prank……. 
Or  the innocent eyes  which stare at me like kid ... 
or  the bold eyes which make me stammer.. 
As the time passes I fall fr u more n more …
You  are  a black hole the more I try to escape that deeper I ruse…
You are a never ending mystery ,
spending a life with u would be like discovering something  new every  day like a revive day…

You  are badass and at the same time u r babish.... 
You are walter mitty at the same time u r tidy.. 
sometimes I laugh by seeing at u the way u behave and at very moment I think how can she be so damn flawless as well as serious.. 
you make me feel butterflies in stomach as well as gets me Goosebumps.. 
Your words are harmonious..
You are chivalrous
You are  cascade 
You are cashmere
You are graceful
You are aerial
You are daring
You are head strong
You are the  Silver Lining of the  cloud
You are like a Shakespeare play the more I get closer to u that more I get jumbled up…..

You have got so many faces  or it’s al because of ur expressions they are so real that they  put me in a situation to think is it u or some other gal m talking about.??????

Who You Are?

I will say the most beautiful gal as well as the perfectly complex gal I have ever met.
The happiness I feel  by seeing the summer rain is much more than the way I feel when I m with you………….

The End

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