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Adalheida Amsel was given gifts the morning her parents died: a bag that changes shapes, five of her mother's books, a pen that's also a wand, her mother's physic gifts, and a letter that explains everything. But Ada has a blessing from her goddess-Ada can speak the language of Rune. With this power Ada could kill every living thing on Earth. Now Ada is on the run with a boy named Blake. There's a Killer looking for them, and she won't stop till she has Ada's blood. Then Ada's goddess blesses he




I walked down the silent path. The sky was dark. The moon provided some light. But tonight you could see many stars. For living on the suburbs of Chicago, Lombard to be exact, it was nice to see the stars once and a while.

      I stared down at my palms. I had had these tattoos for three months and I was still not used to them. On my left hand was a white lotus flower. On the right was the Knot of Isis. They seemed to pulse slightly. I shook my head, feeling a little dizzy from staring at them for too long.

      I found my usual picnic table and lay down. I liked to lie here, thinking after a hard day of work. I stared up at the night sky, feeling peaceful for the first time today. No thoughts jumping and rumbling around in my head. The vision came before I saw him. It was brief, only a few seconds long. A skinny, skater guy walked up the path and says something to me. And then it was gone.

      “Beautiful, isn’t it,” A male voice said behind me.

      Words formed at the tip of my tongue, willing me to use them and blow this intruder off the face of this planet. I pushed them back. I sat up and span around, trying to look surprised. The fact is I don’t really get surprised anymore. After my mother and father were in the car accident, I had visited them in the hospital the night before they died; my mother gave me her powers. She had explained that the woman in our family came from a very powerful tribe in Romania. All the women had physic/supernatural gifts. All the mothers would pass their gifts to their daughters before they passed on.

      She told me she would die tonight and in the morning I would wake up with her gifts. She told me to go home and sleep. She told one of the most important things in my life; if the words come, hold them back, no matter what, hold those words back. I went home and cried myself to sleep that night. When I woke up I found a letter on my nightstand. I opened it and said this:



      Dear Finder Adalheida Andreea Amsel,

      You are now officially part of the Foarte Speciale Clan. When your mother died last night, her gifts were passed on to you. You now posses the following gifts: You will get glimpses of the future, you will be able to read auras, you will be able to read minds, you’ll posses pyschometry; A form of psychic reading in which one individual can obtain details about another through physical contact, and in some case, like you, remove these details, and push your details into other people, you can read, write, and make new runes, and clairsentience which is the ability to get a glimpse of the past or a feeling from touching an object. And with these gifts, you are classified as a Finder, because you can find things other people cant.

      You will find a bag with a pen inside. If you say “ouvert” it will turn into a small wand, about the size of the top of your middle finger to the bottom of you palm. When it is extended, an amethyst will top it. Then to turn it back to a pen, say “près.”

      You will also find all of your mother’s things in this. Her Rune book, her Future book, her aura guide, her Pyschometry book, and last a Clairsentience book.

      The house that you live in now will be paid for by a source outside of you. You will receive a check once a week that will cover your food expenses.

      And if you ever find the need to pray, you put our faith in the Egyptian goddess Isis, the goddess of magic and nature, protector of the dead and goddess of children whom all being arose.

      If you have any questions at all, write a letter to me, leave it on your bag before you go to sleep and it will be gone in the morning.


                                   Love Aunt and Clan Leader,



P.S. The bag is a shifting bag, so say what you want it to be and it will shift. The books may be changed too.


P.S.S. When you wake, you will find a tattoo on each of your hands. On your right will be the symbol of our goddess, on the other with the symbol that protects you.



Back to reality. No living in the past, only now in the moment.

      He was unreasonably handsome, with some of the whitest skin I have ever seen. The white skin looked even whiter compared to his jet-black hair, which was long in a true emo skater fashion. His black skinny jeans went good with his electric blue shirt with DC Skate Company on it. The yellow and white accents matched the laces on his black shoes. First color-coordinated skater I've seen.

      His nose was a little slanted, probably from being punched one too many times. His lips were a beautiful pink with black snake bite lip rings, and as he smiled, they revealed two perfect rows of white teeth. His eyes caught me off guard.

      They were a beautiful blue with little flakes of silver.

      He sat next to me, his skateboard across his lap.

      “Blake,” he said

      “Adalheida.” I flinched at my very German name. “But I usually go by Ada.” I waited for him to laugh at my name. But he only nodded.

      “German?” he asked.

      I nodded, too shocked to speak. I had never met anyone who had heard my name, let alone the heritage.

      “Live around here?” Blake asked.

      “Down the hill and a couple blocks. You?”

      “Just a couple miles from here.”

      And the next question I couldn’t help asking. “What grade are you in?”

      He looked at me. My heart skipped a couple beats. Blake smiled like he could hear it.

      “I graduated last year.” he answered. “And you? This year?”

      I nodded. How did he seem to know so much?

      “Well, I better get going…” I said, standing up.

      “Ill walk with you,” he said, smiling. Before I could say no, he stood up, and dropped his board on the ground.

      I was still in my work clothes. Black pencil skirt, white blouse, matching jacket, and black Louboutins. Not like he’d know that. Blake raised an eyebrow. “I work at my aunt’s law firm.” I answered. “I take the train into the city; this path is on my way home.”

      Even with my shoes, he was still a couple inches taller me.

      “Well come on, let’s get going,” I said.

      I started to walk down the path. I heard wheels rolling behind.

      I heard Blake whistle. “You have expensive taste, girl. Louboutins…”

      I glanced behind me, about to ask him how he knew what they were, but something was wrong. Then I realized what was wrong. I couldn’t hear him. I mean I couldn’t hear him. I couldn’t hear his thoughts. And a fuzzy light didn’t surround him. He didn’t have aura. But then a vision came. I was walking down the path with Blake behind me. But then snap the heel on my shoe broke. And then it was gone. “Shit!” I said and then my heel broke. But before I could fall on my butt, Blake caught me. As his skin touched mine, I closed my eyes and waited for his whole history to enter my head. But nothing happened. My pyschometry had no affect on him. Why weren’t my gifts working?

      Blake pulled me up. I backed away from him. I slipped both of my shoes off and picked up the broken heel. I started walking again. Blake rolled up beside me. He put a hand on my shoulder, stopping me. He stepped off his board. “Get on,” he said. “You'll get a run in your stockings.” I sighed, knowing he was right. I stepped on the board. His hand went to the small of my back, and started to push me. We rolled in silence until we turned down my street. I stared at my house. There was a familiar car in the driveway.

      I cursed a couple times. Someone was sitting on my porch.

      Blake put a hand my shoulder. “You okay?”

      “Yeah.” I looked up into his eyes. “How do you feel about making an ex-boyfriend jealous?”

      He smiled and rubbed his hand together. “My pleasure.”

      “Oh and by the way,” I pushed him back a little. I easily popped a kickflip on his skateboard. It was a more difficult to do without shoes and in a skirt. I smiled at Blake's shocked expression. “I know how to skate.”



Blake and I walked my porch steps hand in hand. My ex-boyfriend, Skyler, stood up from the chair he was sitting in.

      A hurt expression crossed Skyler’s face, followed by anger. He looked at Blake. “Who’s this faggot?” Skyler asked.

      Blake answered. “Your girl’s new boyfriend.” Blake quickly wrapped his arm around my waist. I realized then just how cold Blake’s skin was.

      “Your father would never let you be with him,” Skyler said bitterly.

      My throat started to burn. The tears welled up in my eyes. “Don’t go there, Skyler,” I whispered.

      Blake got defensive. “Well apparently you didn’t know her father well enough to know that he’d want what best for her, not to be with a jerk like you.”

      “What the fuck do you know, queer?” Skyler yelled.

      Blake sighed. “I know how to accept the fact Ada is with me, not you. And seriously, queer, faggot? Come on I know you can be a little more original, pretty boy.”

      Before Skyler could say anything else I said “Skyler, leave.”

      He laughed. “And what are you going to do if I don’t? Get this homo to beat me up?” he laughed more.

      I started to dig through my purse-well it was my shifting bag, so I had my mom’s books and my pen, but I changed the bag into a black Coach-looking for my purple pen.

      I pulled the pen out and Skyler laughed. “What are you going to do? Stab me?” Again, more laughing.

      Blake just stared at me.

      I held the pen in my hand. “Deschisa,” I whispered. The pen changed in my hand. Now there was a small wand. I walked up to Skyler and picked up his hand. I wrote a leave rune on his hand. I dropped his hand and it fell to his side.

      I put my hand on Skyler's temple and his history instantly entered my head. I looked through his memory until I found what I was looking for, me writing the rune on his hand. I pulled my hand away from is temple, taking the memory with it. Skyler's memory dance across my finger tips and the back of my hand. Whenever it tried to go on my palm, the Knot of Isis would glow, and the memory seemed to back away. It was blue, for meant it was a pure, human memory.

      With my other hand, I put it on my temple. I pulled out the made up memory from my temple. Mine glowed white with falsity and magick. I put my memory on his temple. It quickly disappeared into his memory. I dropped my hand.

      He spun on heel, went to his car and left. I had made him think that he had left when I had told him to. But Skyler's memory clung to my hand.

      I took a deep breath, trying to calm myself. I knew what I was going to would hurt. I put Skyler's memory onto my temple. It went straight into my memory.

      I felt myself gag, my body jerking trying to reject Skyler's memory. All my muscles screamed in pain. But worst of all, I got a head splitting headache. I crumpled to the ground; feeling like skin was going to bubble off it burned so much.

      I felt myself slipped into a black unconsciousness. The last thing I felt was the feeling of being picked and held close and hard to someone’s chest.



My eyes snapped open. I saw Blake's face hanging over mine. He was sitting on the ground and I was lying in his lap. I was going to puke. I started to squirm away from him. He quickly let go. We were still outside. I knew I wasn’t going to make it to the side of the porch. I started to puke only a couple feet away from Blake.

      I dry heaved a couple times, and then the memory came up, still blue and alive. Once it hit the deck, it disintegrated.

      Once it was out of my body, I felt instantly better. I jumped up onto my feet. I offered Blake my hand. He took it and I pulled him up.

      “What was that?” Blake asked.

      “My body taking on a foreign object,” I said simply. I turned to look at Blake. He smiled. “So, can I trust you?” I asked.

      He shook his head, like he was trying to get rid of the picture he'd just seen. “Well of course. Considering the fact I have a pretty big secret too.”

      “Oh really?”

      Blake smiled. “All in time.”

      I shook my head this time. I walked toward my door, unlocked it, and walked into my house, leaving the door open. I heard Blake’s quiet footsteps behind me, the door shutting and lock. “Anyone else stays here with you?” he asked.

      “No, just me and my lonesome self.” I sat down on the couch, and turned the TV on. Blake sat next to me, too close if you asked me. He put his arm across my shoulders. And before I could stop myself, I relaxed and leaned into his side.

      “So, fake girlfriend, how about a movie.” But before I could say anything, he pulled the remote from my hand and started flipping through channels. I yawned, and realized just how tired I was.

      “Well I'm a horrible hostess,” I mumbled.

          Blake chuckled. “Sleep,” he whispered. He kissed the top of my head. I let my eyes close. I drifted into a dreamless sleep…

The End

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