Chapter 7.Mature

Rose felt her irritation rise tangibly. Just because she was invited did not necessarily mean that she was going. Many a time had she been told of her invitation, and her mother often even sent servants to prepare her, only for her to be told at the door that she was not to be going in a tone dripping with scorn. Freya did not have these issues, nor did Alexis. These events only demanded to presence of one child and one child alone. All that was needed was tangible proof that one had offspring to continue the regime’s legacy and after that no one truly paid attention. As the eldest Rose was the only suitable option. While she was certain her father would have preferred to bring Alexis as his only son - and presumably his heir - this would go against party policy. This was the policy that men and women were equal. Anyone who believed that this was truly the case was blind yet Freya would reason that this would mean that this category would include both of their parents. Out of the one hundred Representatives of State there were only nine women. Yet to bring your youngest child simply because he was a boy would bizarrely cross some sort of line.

The room which before her mother’s arrival had been comfortable, even relaxing, was now cold and bland. After Alexis had been taken to the nursery the room became intolerable to Rose and she swiftly left. The maid found her in her bedroom an hour later and dressed her in a starched white dress that made her fair skin seem washed out and sallow. Her hair was scraped back and neatly arranged before a single drop of lavender oil was rubbed between her wrists and onto her throat.

Apparently she truly was to go to this opening and news that brought her no joy. She hated these events. The notion that she should be given warning had occurred to no one and as such she always felt ill at ease and magnificently unprepared. She travelled in a separate car to her parents and so spent forty minutes in the company of her solitary thoughts.

A train carriage had been placed upon the newly built tracks as the notion that the party leaders would be entertained outside was simply insulting. She entered the carriage, trailing dutifully behind her parents. Isabelle had changed into new clothing and Rose was already sinking into the black depths of embarrassment.

The End

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