Chapter 5.Mature

“What is it Alex? What’s wrong?”

It took several minutes to get an answer from him. “I - I was meant to learn about the Arun thing...”

“Summit, Alexis, it was a Summit.” Rose corrected firmly. It had sounded like he was being flippant about one of their regime’s most important historical moments. Those sort of mistakes could potentially be dangerous. Alexis tried to continue but neither sister would let him until he had repeated ‘Arun Summit’ three times for them. Once he had he snuffled again he persisted.

“But - I wasn’t listening and - now I don’t know it! But father thinks I do...” he hid his face in Freya’s hair once more. He was startled when she started to laugh.

“Well, I can teach you that you silly boy! There’s no need to cry over it.” Her tone was kind and soft. She had never spoken to Rose like that. She rubbed circles into the child’s back until he had stopped crying. After that followed about an hour of lessons in which Freya explained the Arun Summit whilst sitting regally on the carpet. It shouldn’t have taken that long but neither Rose nor Freya were satisfied until he could get every fact exactly right. This was always the way with the regime’s history. Rose had once seen a girl say that the Battle of Andromede had happened in 1915 instead of 1920. This wouldn’t have normally been an issue except for the fact that Randall only become leader of the party in 1916. What she had said had effectively insinuated that Randall had nothing to do with the Battle of Andromede. This was treason. Rose had not seen that girl in her lessons after that.

The End

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