Chapter 2.Mature

A baby’s cries could be heard outside the window, loud piercing noises which broke through her stupor. With a sigh, Rose stood, pulling up her crumpled stockings as she did so, and slipped her feet into her shoes before walked to the delicately carved doors depicted gently wilting flowers all around its frame, and slammed them open. The sound resonated down the sweeping staircase to Rose’s right and the glass beads within the vast chandelier above her head tinkled with indignation.

Freezing slightly, as though expecting retribution, she paused on the stairway. Deciding that nothing would come of her ill advised moment of carelessness, she shook her head haughtily before descending with a forced and formal grace. Even the diminutive sounds which were squeezed out from beneath her shoes as she made her way carefully down the stairs appeared rash in this world of silence and formality. The Hall billowed out before her. The sheer expanse of space filled as it was with dark green walls and the domain of black marble was simply oppressive. As it was The Hall was flooded by a light that appeared cold, and Rose swiftly went through a small entrance in order to escape this monument to her family’s ego.

A shout echoed out behind her as she was about to leave. Swooping down the stairs dressed in a suit of bright cerulean, Alexis propelled himself down the banisters, laughter animating the dark hall. The light, constrained as it was by the shadows thrown from the window frames, became more animated as it cavorted with the dust in the air.

Unlike his sister, Alexis was still at the age where he was excluded from the mirage his father strove so desperately to create and as such was allowed unprecedented amounts of freedom.  Rose glanced at his bright clothing, shadows clouding her eyes; she hid them from the child. She chose instead to raise her finger to her lips in a plea for silence. Her brother appeared confused and on the brink of mutiny, however thought better of it and grabbed his sister’s hand instead. They walked together through the main doorway and after a labyrinth of corridors followed by a maid who had materialised at some point during their trek until they found the large mahogany double doors. Their school satchels were waiting for them next to it. Flimsy textbooks sparsely coated in brown paper imposed themselves between immaculate green leather notebooks.

Releasing her brother’s sticky hand, Rose swung her satchel over her head so that the strap hung diagonally across her torso. Alexis attempted the mimic his sister but ended up throttling himself with his own satchel, causing the maid gave a small yelp and hurry forwards to help her young master.

The End

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