The Unknown Child.

A boy, well young adult but until he becomes a knight will be known as a boy, is found wondering aimlessly in the dark forest with no memory of how he got there. When he is taken back the castle and mistakenly put into knight training, he slowly gets his memory back and unravels something that may shock the whole land into action. Not to mention the sleep walking dragon with a secret of his own.

            Covered in mud from the waist down and looking like he‘d had his brain removed, the knight found the boy wandering the dark forest. He looked to be around seventeen years of age and wore loose pants which seemed to be made of wool that hung off him with a shirt that fitted only a little better. The shirt however was made of the smoothest leather and had an intricate pattern painstakingly sown into it.

            ‘Why are you wandering
the dark with no foot wear at this late time?’ The knight asked. The boy looked up at him with a curiosity as if he hadn’t noticed the knight’s approach.

            ‘The dark?’ He replied. The knight noticed that the boy spoke very clearly and had authority behind his voice beyond his years.

            ‘The dark is the forest you currently occupy.’ The knight said. ‘It is said the dark possesses a great dragon that guards a sacred tomb. No one enters the dark without at least a ten strong garrison behind them.’

            ‘I don’t think garrison is the correct word to use. Army would have been sufficient. And where’s your “garrison”?’ The boy replied. His tone was very matter of fact and didn’t wash well with the knight.

            ‘Be that as it may, I’ll take you to the castle and get you cleaned up,’ He said trying to conceal his anger. He picked the boy up and carried him cradled in his arms out of the forest.

            Once out of the forest the boy noticed the ground was covered with the clearest grass that looked as if nobody had ever walked on it. He noticed something eerie about the seemingly clear grass as it began to move on its own. There was no wind that night and the moon was extremely bright in the clear winter sky. Where the knight had walked the boy looked behind to notice that the ground rippled. The grass moved around and swirled until the footprints were gone.

            ‘Self preserving grass?!’ The boy exclaimed looking astonished.

            ‘It’s known as the “Scary Green” to most souls across this great land. The given name for it is “Gramineae’s thoughts” because it’s agreed that the grass is thinking all the time of how to better itself. The grass reinvents itself every year as to not bore the lands populous.’

            ‘Hmm….’ The boy replied.

            ‘Hmm? That’s all you can say? You’ve not seen this before?’ The knight asked.

            ‘No. Self preserving grass.’ The boy said as he gave the grass a nod out of what the knight could only describe as respect. ‘It’s agreed by whom?’ He asked very slowly as the knight noticed he was becoming slow with the continued affects of fatigue.

            ‘You’ll see.’ The knight said as he adjusted the boy who promptly made himself comfortable in the knight’s strong arms and closed his eyes.

            The boy awoke with a start to the sound of a loud bang. He found himself in a huge four poster bed with what felt like silk for sheets and the cover also. The silk or whatever it was draped over the whole bed as if to hide him away. He jumped out of his bed on top of his covers to discover he was wearing a white t-shirt and pants that he‘d never worn before.

            ‘MY CLOTHES!’ He shouted at the top of his voice and pulled the silk drape away and threw it to the floor. This, he found, relieved some tension and he calmed himself down to help solve the problem of his missing garments. He could hear somebody pacing outside his door. The room was only big enough for the bed and a table with a small amount of room to stretch and walk. He grabbed the door, which he found to be unlocked, and threw it open to find a worried looking women standing there. She was holding the boy’s leather t-shirt and was dressed like a maid.

            ‘My humble esquire.’ She said as she bowed low. ‘I am sorry I had to take your t-shirt esquire. I was getting you ready for bed and forgot to leave it on your table. It’s a very nice shirt esquire.’ He was now leaning against the frame of the door looking at the women with a slight grin on his face.

            ‘Can I have it back then?’ The boy asked. She looked at him for short second.

            ‘Yes sir. Sorry. Sorry. Immediately.’ The women said very quickly. She looked scarred of him and slightly shaken.

            ‘Oh sorry. Sorry.’ She gasped as she ran off down the long corridor and disappeared down what looked like stairs to the right.

            The boy put his t-shirt on over the t-shirt he currently had on. He looked up to find several keen eyes looking at him from four rooms along the corridor.

            ‘BOOM!’ He replied which sent the onlookers back to their rooms. The boy decided to get fully dressed and wear only his t-shirt instead of two and follow the path taken by the women. At these stairs he found the women looking at the wall as she sat on the bottom step. The boy walked down the stairs quietly and tapped the women on the shoulder.

            ‘Oh. Esquire. Sorry.’ She quickly yelped as she started to run off.

            ‘Please be my guide.’ The boy said after her.

            She stopped dead and turned around with a calmed expression and what looked like relief.

            ‘I’d be happy to’. She said as she put out her hand.

            ‘I don’t like holding foreign people’s hands.’ Said the boy. ‘I’m looking for a knight. About six foot tall and very well sculpted. He brought me here.’

            ‘I know the one. Follow me.’

            She started to walk at a leisurely pace which allowed him to take in the surroundings without losing sight of her. The only thing he knew about this women is that she had a tendency to run a lot and be scarred of him.

            ‘I’m Agatha by the way. Agatha Trimly.’ She said whilst giving a small bow and continuing down the corridor which was getting more deserted by the second.

            ‘You’ve done that a lot haven’t you?’ He asked.

            ‘Right. Here we are.’ She said as she stood to the right of an eight foot high door which was just wide enough for somebody to walk through and nothing else. He noticed that he had not really taken any of the surroundings in because he was thinking about Agatha and what he knew about her. He concluded that she has worked in this building for a short time and was still shy around company. She also seems to think running may solve most problems. The door had a complicated carving upon its face. The boy studied this for some time until he was nudged by Agatha.

            ‘Come along esquire. The people of the land await.’ She said with giddiness
to her voice. The boy gave her a quizzical look before pushing the door open. He noted how easy it was for him to push a door open of this size.

            He turned to his right to see a vast room in front of him and scanned across it this time not failing to take it all in. Six long tables, around sixty feet long and six feet wide, were lined up in the middle of the room from one end almost to the other. Each extremely hard looking table had beautifully arranged bouquets of flowers on
them with a single rose sticking out of the top. The actual arrangement resembled one big daffodil with the rose through the middle. Each table had scores of people on it all laughing, talking, arguing and eating from silver plates. Every so often as the boy moved through the room he spotted men and women dressed similar to Agatha picking up and dropping off food or drink. The drink always seemed to be water. The scores of people included men in suits of chain mail which were very shiny and caused the boy to shield his eyes every so often. The other people at the tables were women in long skirts and tight shirts with chain mail over them who chatted openly with the men.This is an army the boy thought.

            At the far end of the room there was a huge table that spans the length of all the other six tables combined. The boy had walked absent minded into the middle of the six tables at this point and he saw knights in full armor which looked very stream lined but aggressive. The chain mail could not be seen but the armor over it seemed to cling to each knight very comfortably. There were equal numbers of women and men at this bigger table with a very regal yet sour faced looking women to the left of centre, a serene looking girl who looked around his age sat to the right and a man sat in the middle. The man was wearing armor like the rest of the knights but his glimmered gold and he bore a crown on his head which almost disappeared into his long brown hair. The crown had a jewel at its centre with smaller jewels going away from it. His face was strong with a square jaw and high cheeks bones with big blue eyes.

            The boy then noticed the familiar face of the sculpted knight that found him the forest striding up to him.

            ‘Knight’ He said before looking up at the man. The boy felt oddly drawn to him.

            ‘Hello Zarath.’ Agatha said warmly.

            ‘Boy. Awake I see’ Zarath replied looking down at him.

            At this the boy started to stride forwards towards the strong looking man at the centre of the table. Zarath and Agatha followed behind. Agatha attempted to call after the boy but Zarath stopped her. The boy soon reached the table.

            ‘OI!’ Shouted the boy. ‘I’M ZACHARIAH AND I WANT TO KNOW WHAT’S GOING ON!!!’

The End

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