The Unknown

I woke up, laying on something hard. The first thing I noticed was a strange emptiness in my stomach. Almost like hunger, but not quite.

The light was blinding, it burned my eyes when I opened them. I wrenched myself in an awkward upright position. I was aching all over.

Where was I? Who brought me here? I couldn't remember a thing about lastnight or yesterday. I didn't recognise any of my surroundings.

I was sitting, hugging my knees, on what looked like a small, one way road. There were overgrown trees and plants hanging small canopies over the dark concrete. I stood up, shielding my eyes from the direct sunlight. I felt it burning my pale white skin, seeping through my yellow vest top. I dug in my pocket for my phone, dialled my Mum's number. No signal. I tried 999, but there was still no signal. Not even emergency calls.

I stretched backwards flexibly, making my spine click and my muscles hurt. I stared directly ahead, and thought for a short moment.

The only way to survive, is to go forward.

The End

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