Phase One

Reggie threw herself against the wall silently as the two guards walked past her. "Just in time," she thought. She let out a sigh of relief and wondered why she was even doing this. Sneaking into the Regulation headquarters and killing the Leader seemed like such a stupid plan. Reggie cursed under her breath and fingered her flasher. Where was Will?

In an old abandoned warehouse, Will sat in front of his laptop, slowly rotating a floor plan on the screen with his cursor. A blue dot appeared on the screen. He sat up straight. Then, he pressed the speak button on his flasher and began to talk.

"Okay. The living quarters are about twenty paces east. Do you have the guard's card?"

A static came from his flasher. He held his breath.

"Yeah. I'm already at the door. Just trying to find the slot."

He heard a shuffling sound, then a small click. 

"Turn left and walk about 10 feet."

"Okay, now what?"

He stood up from his laptop and peered at the gigantic building. 

"I'm coming."

The End

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