School's Out

Will and Reggie sat next to each other in the dark. She licked her lips and stared at the paper. "She's nervous", Will thought to himself. Lately he had been noticing little irrelevant details about Reggie. 

He remembered when they first met in the Academy. Every child went to the Academy from age 11 until they reached the age of 18. They learned to read and write, do math, and other subjects. Reggie had been punished because of her blindness everyday. The Academy did not support any type of diversity among the students. On the first day of school, Will did not realize Reggie was blind until he sat with during detention. He had been in a fight with an older boy. Reggie was in there because she was just blind.

He had started a conversation with her out of boredom. About halfway through their conversation, Will realized that Reggie never looked straight at him. Her eyes were always gazing somewhere else. In that moment, he hated the Academy even more. "How could they be so cruel? It's not her fault she was born with a disability.", he had thought.

Their friendship formed right away. The two were known for being very rebellious and disruptive during class. Some students were amused with their latest heists, while others were just annoyed. 

When they were sixteen, Reggie and Will were expelled from the Academy for hijacking the Instructors' floaters in the parking lot. It was like a dream come true.

The End

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