The Unknown

It is the year 2387. The Regulation has Will and Reggie's world at their fingertips. It's up to them to stop it.

Her golden irises tore through the darkness. Her ears twitched as she awaited the timid footsteps tiptoeing toward her door. She quietly climbed out of her warm bed, grabbed a glass paperweight on her dresser, and crept against the bedroom door. A small click echoed through the keyhole. Fear gripped her heart.

Suddenly, the door slowly opened. She lunged at the midnight intruder in the doorway. He yelped in surprise and fell backwards. She dragged him inside the room and locked the door.

Then, she pinned up down and raised the paperweight to strike him. His hand shot out and grabbed her wrist before the paperweight touched his face. The girl's face changed. She stood up again and pulled him to his feet. 

"Sorry about that, Will."

Will groaned and rubbed his aching shoulder.

"Ugh. It's alright. I was going to flash you before I came over, but you know how it is right now. Can't trust anyone these days."

Reggie sighed and sat on the bed.

"What's with the papers?"

"How did you know I brought papers?"

"I heard the rustling sound when you were walking down the hall."

Will shook his head, smiling. "Amazing", he thought to himself. He sat down beside her and pulled out a crumpled piece of paper from his pocket. The words were printed in bold letters. Will took Reggie's hand and guided it along the words as he began to read.

"New Rules. Floaters will be randomly checked along with backpacks and personal bags. The new curfew is 9:30 pm. All Protectors will have the ability to question all residents. Consequences will be in effect if these rules are disrupted or disobeyed. The Regulation."

Reggie slowly pulled her hand back. 

"They know something."

The End

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