Down the Elevator and in the Corridor

The elevator doors swung open waiting for them to step on and select their floor. Jim and Angie walked in backwards, something strange for most people, but they had motive. The cameras couldn't identify them from the back of their heads.

They managed to keep their voices in a low whisper in case people were lurking in the hallways waiting for the elevators.

"What are we going to do now?" Jim asked.

"What we do best," Angie replied.

They selected the floor under them and the "5" button glowed furiously in the dimmed container. In after what seemed like an hour, the elevator doors slowly opened, and the duo walked out.

Hiding behind a barrier, they peeked around to make sure they wouldn't be seen. After a thorough check, they rounded the corner and, at a brisk pace, walked down the dorm corridor until they reached large, double doors at the end of the hall.

Glancing behind their shoulders, they tried opening the large doors, and they slipped in the new room which contained a secret elevator. They took this illicit elevator down to the first floor, the only floor available for them, and waited until their ride had come to a sudden halt. Like last time, they stealthily slinked out of the large, metal box finding themselves in a room where they have never been before.

The End

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