The University Cocaine Omelet Mysteries

During the fall semester, a large population of students at Shabu University fell victim to cocaine omelets. Who laced the eggs, and why would they do it? Follow Jim Jones and Angie as they scour the campus on the hunt for the main suspects.


Twenty four students of Shabu University have been admitted in the hospital today for cocaine overdose. If there is anyone with any information, now would be the time to come forward.

"Ugh! Why do they always flash crazy messages like this across the television and the intercom? Isn't one enough? Or none would be better," whined an irritated girl.

"Heh, maybe it's just a ruse from the president trying to get the school actually interested in something. It's dead around here," mused her roommate of three  years.

"What are you talking about, Angie? You need some sleep,"  Maisy, the first girl, instructed rolling her eyes.

--   --   --   --  --  --  --   --    --   --  --  --   --   --  --   --   --  --  --

the following morning: 3am


Another fifty students have been rushed to the hospital suffering the same symptoms as the first handful. It is imperative that you remain calm during this time.

"Okay. That is the final straw! Who delivers breaking news reports at- THREE in the morning?" yelled Maisy in her sleep.

"It is breaking news, Maisy. Just go back to sleep."

"Easy for you to say. Hey, what are you doing awake this time of night anyway?" asked an inquisitive Maisy.

"Erm- studying for that history test tomorrow morning," she hastily replied and slunk out the door where a man was waiting for her.

"Did you find anything peculiar?" Angie asked the man.

"Nope. You?" replied Jim Jones, Angie's best friend.

"No." She let her hang in dismay.

"Well," he said with a note of cheerfulness in his voice. "We can still have fun."

Angie's face erupted in an large smile. "Oh, why, of course."

The two students walked away, hand-in-hand, partners in crime, down the hallway to the elevator.

The End

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