The Tower of Babel part 19, part 2

"What do you mean, God?"  Adam was up on the cloud beside God.

"Just what I said."

"None of that ever happenned?"


"Well, what about the stairs?"

"Did you see any stairs?"

"Well, no, so why did you have me write that down?"

"I dunno.  Just call it 'Romans'"

God looked over at what Adam was writing.  "Did you get the part about, When she gets there she knows, if the stores are all closed..."

"Yeah, yeah, God, 'With a word she can get what she came for. 
Ooh, ooh, and she's buying it.  I still don't know why you made me write that all down."

"Meh.  Adam, you know, it was more interesting than what really happenned."

"But there was no simulated ocean.  And the little guy with the newspaper?  I mean, really.  And the whole part about what happenned at the bar.  The Holy Bable?  "

God looked down at the sky and frowned."C'mon, Adam, there are hundreds of thousands of people down there, they built a tower for some wierd reason, and now they think that's why they speak different languages?  I mean..."

"Yeah, God, but you can spice it up, say you destroyed the tower, and make them believe that you made them speak different languages so they'd be scared of you again and the story would at least make some kind of sense."

"What do you mean, Adam?  That this story doesn't make sense?"

"Well, God.",  Adam flipped back a few pages, "and I quote, ahem, So Adam and God and Abraham didst thus come on into whiskey at Babel's...I mean, whiskey, God?  "

"Fine.", said God, "make it Uzo."

Adam sighed and made the correction. Neither talked for forty days.

"OK, but God?"

God raised one eyebrow, his left one.   And then his right one and then tried to scrunch his nose like a rabbit.

"Does that look like a rabbit?"

"God, honestly, so Abraham, you and I have drinks according to your story and then, you know, I still don't see how the lesbian, shape shifting ninjas fit in...."

"Adam, they're their to rescue the Armenian Princess from the WArlock who gets his power from his dead mother's coffin.  And don't forget, the lesbian shape shifting ninjas can create dopplegangers.  The story doesn't work without that.  It's the whole reason to put them in"




"Good enough, Adam.  Get dressed.  I've got a job for you."




The End

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