The tower of Babble:Part 3

Where was I?  The whole problem with reciting centuries of spiritual verse as far as this reporter can tell is that sometimes centuries can pass and then well, let's just forgive a guy for forgetting where he left off.

Here we are.  Leviticus says that, to cleanse leprosy, one must:

Take some cedar wood, hysop, scarlet and two birds.  Kill one bird and dump his blood into a bucket.  Dump the lving bird (he won't mind) into the bucket of dead bird blood.  Roast the first bird with a nice stuffing of cedar wood, scarlet and hysop and give that to the leper, being mindful not to rip off the drumstick as not to offend the leper.  Try not to get leprosy.  Take the blood soaked bird and let him go.  (The blood soaked bird might be testy at this point)

And for some reason, this stuck in my mind.  "And ye shall eat the flesh of your sons, and the flesh of your daughters shall ye eat."

We'll just skip Leviticus.  Anyhow, so, Jim and a throng of people were looking for a way to get to the Godcave and were pointing to the sky discussing the best way to get there.

The End

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