Sodom and Gomorrah

Noah relived the moment.  The main sail which he had patched with mud and palm leaves had been struck by a passing sparrow.  Then, things had fallen apart in a real hurry.  The Ark teetered an inch to the left and then collapsed on itself like a horny narcissist.   Boom.  Crack.  Shudder.

He remembered Eve standing beside him as the great barge of floating junk listed.  


"What, Noah, what?"

"Take my hand!"

"No!, Feck off"

"How will you survive?"

"As you can see, I'm perfectly happy grasping this furious pair of porcupines.  Thank you".

Noah had rolled his eyes and sighed.

And then woke up on the island.  Approximately 789 species of animals survived on an island fifteen feet in diameter.

Noah was grateful to be on top of the 30 foot high heap of animals and stroked his beard, watching dead fish float by in the ocean.

He was comforted for in an instant to hear Eve cooing behind him, and turned around to determine that the source of Eve's cooing was a naked Seth, behind her.

Noah heard his name.

About six species down, thus did Noah hear his name, growled by a Polar Bear with the words "limb", "from" and "limb"

Thus did Noah call God and thus did God appear in a yacht with Meghan and Tiffany and thus did he clap his hands in a burst of thunder to impress the Ladies and call Adam on board with an "Ahoy, faithful one"



The End

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