Red Eyes in the Bushes,

Sharon woke up with a start. She didn't remember having a bad dream but the way her heart palpitated like a revved up engine she new it must have happened again. They had visiting her in the night lurking in the corner of her room; watching, waiting, making sure not to  wake her and risk being caught. Her decision had been made, why were they still watching her.

At thirteen, Sharon was a very shy, timid and rather odd child. Her abusive father had everything to do with the way she coward and cried at the drop of a hat but for some strange reason she still cared and felt sorry for the man. He was the only person she had in the world after losing her mother to cancer when she was only five. She knew that was what had broken the camels back and had pushed him to drink and wallow in his sorrow for the last eight years. Ken Sparks was a broken man.

It was hard for Sharon to even fathom how it was even possible, the events that had taken place just a week ago. Imps, witches, demons, goblins - my god, they all actually exist! Who would've known a quick walk through the woods would've changed the way she looked at the world forever. She was absolutely terrified when she saw those red, raging, demonlike eyes watching her through the jagged thorn bushes, but when Ailsa emerged with her 3 foot frame and firey red eyes,  all fear dissipated. She had never seen a more intriguing creature.

She waved for Sharon to come closer. Ailsa held Sharon's arms tight as best she could for her 3 foot frame and looked at Sharon with such terrifying determination it brough tears to her eyes. Ailsa's face came close to her face. She licked it sensuously and she breathed in her breath as if confirming who she was.

As both Sharon and Ailsa stood looking at each other in awe, Sharon was the first to speak. "Hello, my name is Sharon, can I ask what  you are without sounding rude?" As Ailsa moved in for a closer look, Sharon noticed how she walked with dominance and swagger, she showed absolutely no fear of Sharon which left her feeling small and meek. Ailsa's white sparkling gown was covered by a black velvet cape that looked almost amusing on such a small body. Removing the veil she wore she finally spoke in a raspy but high pitched voice, "I am Ailsa, goblin queen." "I come from the kingdom of Adacharon where I reign over hundreds of thousands of goblins, witches, imps and demons. When you speak to me I expect you to be on your knees and show me some respect!"


Laughing nervously, Sharon couldn't believe what she was witnessing! The queen goblin? "You've got to be kidding me", she thought to herself. Sharon got on one knee without hesitation and politely asked what she was doing here and what could she possibly want with someone like her. As Ailsa spoke chills ran down Sharon's spine as she felt the evils surrounding her. "I am here to free you from the clutches of your elder who lays his hands on you with anger." You have but one of two choices to make immediatetly - one of which would be for your elder to be torchered and burnt at the stake as you watch quietly from the throne of Elerich. We will take you back to Adacharon and you will live their as one of us for eternity. The second would be to let your elder live but any infants born to you will be taken to Adacharon and made immortal to become one of us in our kingdom. With the second choice, she also added, you will no longer live after you childs turning."

With wide, unbelieving eyes, with Sharon still kneeling on shaking knees, she shook her head in disbelief. "I could never have my father killed, are you crazy! I will never permit such a thing. He is the only family I have no matter what he has done in the past, don't you dare lay a hand on him, you have no right! I will just make sure I never have children in the future and none of this will matter! It will be like none of this ever happened. I have no choice but to pick the second."

Laughing Ailsa turned and walked backed in the brush where she came from, disappearing but not without leaving the sound of demons screaming in the air.

The End

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