The Unheard

A brilliant young girl living in a world full of fantasy and intrigue. Izzy has been deaf since birth but that has never stopped her from living her young life to the fullest. Her imagination takes her to fantasy worlds where she has her imaginary friends to play with, that's what she thought until her thirteenth birthday. She starts to hear terrifying, evil voices in her head and sees horrible creatures that no one else can.

Izzy loved playing in the woods behind her house. Ever since she could remember she had always loved the outdoors with it's giant oak trees and hidden caverns. If only her mother would let her go alone so she could go exploring with her imaginary friends, she would have so much more fun. Izzy knew her mother meant well but she has always been so overly protective since the disappearance of little Cameron Caldwell and the fact that Izzy was born without hearing only added to her mom's paranoia.

"Please mom, I won't go far, I promise I'll be extra careful. I am ten years old now!" Izzy signed. Her mother, Sharon,  absolutely hated those thick woods behind their house. If she had it her way, they would've moved to the city years ago. She knew she was going to have to let Izzy do more as she got older, but she just wished it wasn't playing alone, especially in those damn woods! Sharon  had driven Izzy, 30 miles to the school for the deaf since she was 6 years old in hopes she would meet other kids like herself and make friends. While Izzy got along with everyone she liked to play alone, talking in her head to her imaginary friends. They were the only ones that truly understood her.

"No you can't go in the woods alone Izzy, how many times have I told you!" her mother replied with her hands, mouthing the words angrily. If Izzy only knew the dangers those dark woods held she wouldn't be asking to go anywhere near. Sharon hated to scare her but as Izzy got older she knew it was about time she was aware of the dark secrets and horrifying past their small town of Cambridge held. She would stop at nothing to keep her daughter safe no matter what it took, even if means dying for the only person in the world that means anything to her. She lost her husband when Izzy was just a baby to what Doctors called a rare brain parasite. Sharon knew better.

With tears in Izzy's eyes she turned and ran upstairs looking back with disgust when she reached the top . "One day Izzy will understand the reason for my being so strict with her", Sharon thought, as she turned to go make dinner. She suddenly felt as if something, or someone was watching her. "Just my mind playing tricks on me", she laughed nervously aloud. Her gut was telling her something completely different though, having had that same feeling all those years ago when all hell broke loose and everyone's lives had changed forever. "That's it! I'm putting the house up for sale and getting out of here" she said to herself, even though she knew there was no running from the demons. Izzy's thirteenth birthday was only three short years away. Sharon prayed to God they had enough strength to get through the hell that was going to take hold and try to destroy  their tiny family.

The End

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