The Unforgiven

This IS A TRUE STORY, apart from the names.

About a month ago, I got invited to my friend Kira's for a sleep over along with my other 3 friends Sarah, Amy and Tijara (TJ for short). We did our usual, stayed up all night. By 5 in the morning, weird stuff started happening.

We could've sworn that her plastic cat that has glow in the dark eyes was blinking and it's not mechanical or anything. Then later on, we saw this shadow on the wall (and yes the lights were off!) and was shaped like a person. I was dead scared, quivering and everything, you could ask anyone that was there.

Then after that, we saw like a white figure run out of the room (we opened the door after the cat thing because we were scared to death) so we followed it (me in the front because they wanted to "sacrifice" me since I'm the youngest there). It went into the kitchen and saw one of the plates fall to the floor ON IT'S OWN and shatter. We freaked out and ran back to the room. We went to sleep and woke up 6 hours later.

I haven't slept at her house in a while, mainly because of that experience. It's fun to sleep over at her place, but I just don't wanna get a heart attack.

The End

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