Chapter Eleven - NateMature


You could cut the tension in the room with a knife. Micah and Alex had taken protective stances in front of me for some reason I didn’t quite know. They were growling at him and Alex told me to stay behind her. 

‘What are you doing here Luka?’ Micah hissed. His voice was like venom, it sent chills down my spine; I hadn’t heard him speak like that.

As soon as I heard the name Luka, I gasped involuntarily. He looked just like a normal guy, and yet he was supposed to be this evil, cruel killer. Luka looked at me, amused.

‘You must be Nate, so nice to finally put a name to a face.’ He smiled at me. I glared back at him. 

‘You leave him out of this,’ Alex growled. She shifted closer to me. 

‘Oh, I have no interest in him,’ Luka replied indifferently, casually flicking his wrist. Suddenly, I was flying through the air, backward. I didn’t have time to shout out loud as I smashed into the wall. Pain reverberated through my head and I collapsed on the floor in a heap. 

Alex was at my side in an instant, worry filled her eyes. ‘Nate? Are you okay!’ 

‘I’m alright,’ I rubbed my head. ‘What was that for?’ I directed my anger towards Luka.

He simply shrugged his shoulders. ‘Amusement.’ 

‘Get out,’ Micah growled. 

‘And you’re going to make me…how?’ Luka raised his eyebrows challengingly. Before I knew what was happening, Alex had turned to face Luka and this amazing blue lightening was shooting out of her fingertips before slamming right into Luka, sending him flying through several walls, bricks and dust flying everywhere. 

I just sat there gawping. 

‘Is he…’ I couldn’t finish my sentence.

‘Dead? Not a chance,’ Micah shook his head. ‘We have to get him out of here.’ Alex nodded and grabbed me by the wrist before leading me down the narrow corridor and out into the open. Before I could protest, she had me on her back and everything around me became a blur of green and grey and the wind whipped past my face at incredible speed. I clung on to Alex like my life depended on it and squeezed my eyes shut. 

When she finally came to a stop, I fell off and grinned like an idiot.

‘That was amazing!’ Even though my legs didn’t work and I was currently sat on the floor, I felt totally exhilarated. That was the most amazing thing I had ever experienced.

‘You adrenaline junkie you,’ Alex laughed, pulling me to my feet. Micah came to a stop a few moments later and even he managed to crack a smile as he saw me. 

‘You look like you’ve just been electrocuted,’ he sniggered. I couldn’t help but laugh myself. But then I remember the reason that we were here and composed myself quickly.

‘Where are we?’ I let my eyes wander, taking in my surroundings. We were in a quiet, elegant part of a town I didn’t recognise. Grand stylish houses lined the road with meticulously decorated gardens; proud colourful roses bloomed amongst the shrubbery and shiny black iron gates separated us from their neat and tidy life. 

‘Come on,’ Micah led the way to one of the gates and pressed a button on an intercom. He took a step backwards and within seconds there was a crackly voice on the other end.

‘Hello?’ it was a females voice.

‘It’s me, Micah. I’m with Alex and Nate, can we come inside?’ A few more seconds passed before we got a reply.

‘Yeah, door’s opening.’

As the gates began to slowly open, I looked at Alex.

‘Who lives here?’ 

‘You’ll see, don’t worry you’re perfectly safe.’ 

As we made our way through the across the grand, bricked driveway past the ridiculously expensive cars and up the polished marble steps, I couldn’t help but marvel. Whoever lived here must be VERY rich. This was the first time I’d been in somewhere as ostentatious as this and I couldn’t help but notice every little detail, the huge double wooden doors, the angel statues on either side of the entrance, the way the ground reflected the gleaming sun light, dazzling and captivating me.

Micah let himself into the house and I caught a glimpse of myself in the reflection of the windows. I suddenly felt very out of place and scruffy in just a blue shirt and jeans. My hair was wild and windswept and stuck up oddly. 

The inside of this house was just as majestic as the outside. A huge ornate banister was right in the middle of this cavernous hall and it wound intricately to the next floor; the ground was tiled with alternate black and white marble; a huge chandelier hung just above our heads and the walls were painted gold. 

‘Bloody hell,’ I whispered under my breath. 

‘Hello,’ someone welcomed us from our right. I allowed myself a few more seconds of this magnificent view before glancing over to whoever owned this luxurious place. 

I’m not normally a shallow person, I don’t think looks are the most important thing in the world, but in the few seconds that I saw the person standing in front of me I forgot all of that and felt like the most shallow person in the world. My mouth literally fell open. The most beautiful girl I had ever seen stood, staring at me with something mixed between amusement and…sympathy? 

She had long, thick hair that fell in waves well past her shoulders and it was the most gorgeous shade of red I had ever seen. Her eyes were vivid blue and framed by thick, black lashes. They complimented her creamy complexion and high cheekbones. She wore faded jeans and a graphic t shirt. 

My mouth was still open and I could feel the blood rushing up to my cheeks. I tried, unsuccessfully, to compose myself. I looked like a right freak, staring here gawping at her. Poor girl.

‘Nate,’ Alex chuckled beside me. ‘Close your mouth you pervert.’

I instantly snapped it shut and dragged my eyes to the floor. 

‘This is Crystal,’ Micah introduced in an amused tone. ‘Crystal this is Nate, and you obviously already know Alex.’ 

‘Yes I believe I know Alex,’ she smiled warmly. ‘Is this the human that you were on about?’ she glanced in my direction and I noticed her tone had grown considerably cooler. 

‘The human has a name,’ I couldn’t help pipe up. 

‘A name I am not interested to know,’ she replied, not looking me directly in the eyes. Alex shot me a warning look that told me not to say anymore. She obviously didn’t like humans and she was blatantly a lot stronger than I was, it was best to just stay quiet. 



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The End

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