Chapter Nine - MicahMature

'That was beautiful Micah, really.’ He gave a sickening smile.

‘Luka, is that you?’ Alex cried. ‘What are you doing here? And how do you know Micah?’ 

‘Ah, all will be explained.’ Luka had totally dropped the false pretence, he was no longer a nervous little schoolboy with a hell of a lot of a female attention; he was finally showing his true colours.  

‘What’s wrong with you?’ Alex murmured. ‘You’re acting strange.’

Luka gave her an incredulous look. ‘I’m acting strange? Sweetheart, you’re the one who’s standing in the forest with a killer and a body whilst declaring your love. Oh and the fact that you’re a vampire doesn’t exactly put you in the normal category does it?’

Alex froze. I could see what was going through her mind; How does he know about that...

One advantage we had over Luka, and it was extremely helpful, was that he couldn’t communicate telepathically; he was silent on that front. 

Alex I was trying to explain, Luka’s evil you need to get away now I pleaded with her, hoping she’d believe me. I swear down I will explain everything as soon as we get away, me.

Alex looked at me and her eyes were soft and understanding, she believed me. 

Okay. How are we going to get away?

‘Hm... so, Alex. How’s vampire life working out for you?’ Luka interrupted, oblivious to our silent conversation. He was casually walking over to the body. He leant over and examined it and tutted. 

Alex ignored him and turned away.

 ‘Luka,’ I turned on him, my voice low and threatening. ‘Is there a particular reason you came here?’ I balled my hands up into fists and leaned forward ever so slightly. He seemed to notice this and raised an eyebrow.

‘Oh please Micah, I’m not going to fight you now. I didn’t come here for that.’

‘So what did you come for then?’ I demanded. Luka was totally relaxed and stopped in front of Alex and his mouth stretched into an unfriendly smile.





I didn’t understand what was happening. Not too long ago, Micah had confessed his love for me, which was confusing enough and now Luka had appeared, his jewel blue eyes fixed on me. I couldn’t shake the image of him in the classroom, chuckling nervously and getting eyed up by the girls. He had looked so innocent, and now Micah had told me he was dangerous? It just didn’t make sense!

‘Can somebody please explain to me what’s going on?’ I requested. ‘I don’t understand any of it.’ Luka turned to Micah. ‘You mean, you haven’t explained to her yet?’ 

 ‘I told her that I’d explain later and that’s exactly what I’m going to do,’ he snapped.

‘Why not now?’ Luka’s voice was inquiring and he smiled at Micah. 

‘You know what? Never mind, just explain later,’ I said. Micah relaxed a little and I spoke to Luka, ‘Well, if that’s all, you best be going.’

‘Um, no, I said I was here for you and I’m not leaving until I get what I want,’ he laughed. ‘You see, I’m quite angry that you’re a vampire now, this means you’re no longer under my influence. Thanks for that Micah.’ 

And then it hit me. I now knew the reason Micah had changed me into a vampire. I thought he’d done it out of pure callousness, that he had pleasure from other people’s pain, that he was nothing but a twisted, sadistic killer. I thought he wanted to ruin my life and yank me away from everything and everyone I ever loved, but in fact it was the complete opposite to that. Micah had done save me. 

‘Micah...’ my voice was shaky and my head was spinning. ‘I know...why you changed me.’ Micah looked at me, finally prying his eyes away from Luka. That was enough time for Luka to go back on his words and slam into Micah, crashing him with such force into one of the trees behind him, and the breath whooshed out of Micah. Luka had something wooden in his hands and raised it above his head.

Without thinking, I charged into Luka, knocking him off Micah and sending us both tumbling down a steep hill. I slammed into something at the bottom and yelled out in pain. Luka was on his feet, towering over me with a terrifying expression on his face.  

I quickly scrambled to my feet, just in time for Luka to grab me by the throat and slam me backwards.  I felt a surge of power at my fingertips and unconsciously shoved my hands together and onto Luka’s chest. 

There was an explosion of blinding blue light and I clamped my eyes shut, but my hands stayed directed at Luka. Power I never knew I possessed was pouring out my fingertips and Luka cried out weakly. I had honestly never felt so alive. 

I focussed all my energy into my hands and moved forward, opening my eyes again. Luka's face was contorted in pain as the light ran through him. I sensed Micah stumbling at the top of the hill, and faintly heard him shout my name but I couldn’t respond. I was glued to Luka. 

The power kept on coming and I couldn’t stop it. It reminded of all those days ago when I met Micah for the first time; I had no control over myself, it was like I was detached from my body. This is what was happening right this very minute. I knew somewhere in my mind that I should stop, I was scared and I didn’t know what was going on, but I genuinely couldn’t.

I felt someone’s hand on my arm and in my peripheral vision I could see Micah’s blonde hair and earnest violet eyes and his lips were moving frantically, but I could do nothing. Just when I thought this bout of incredible power was never going to end, the light dimmed and my hands automatically drew away from Luka and he dropped panting and gasping to the floor. 

‘Alex?’ Micah anxiously called my name. I turned to face him, exhausted and drained of all energy. Just then, he did something I wouldn’t expect; he hugged me tightly. I was surprised, but too weary to protest. Besides, deep down I knew that even if I could, I doubted I would move away from him.

He pulled away, steadying me. He glanced briefly at the now unconscious Luka. He was still alive; his chest was rising and falling gently. 

‘Let’s get away from here.’

'What happened to you wanting him dead? He's at his most vulnerable now.'

‘We can’t kill him.’ Micah sighed. ‘He has some sort of protective shield surrounding him, I can feel it. We need to figure out how to disable that first.’

The End

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