Chapter Eight - MicahMature

Poor Alex. I couldn't help but feel sorry for her as she was having trouble adjusting to her new life and she was still falling for his act. How could she not know? I know I hadn't told her yet, but still, didn’t get even suspect anything different about him as soon as she saw him? Didn’t she pick up any bad vibes?

I sighed in frustration and started walking back through the park, leaving Alex to feed in peace, when I decided that I was getting quite hungry myself. I spotted a girl walking on her own, heading towards town. I smiled to myself and slowly began to follow her.


Feeling refreshed, I was sat on my own in this little abandoned house. I was absentmindedly staring at the destroyed brickwork on the far side of the room. For such a small girl, Alex could do a hell of a lot of damage. She would do a lot more if I didn’t tell her why she was needed urgently, but I couldn’t tell her, not yet; it was too early. 

‘Hello Crystal,’ I mumbled tonelessly, not looking at the confident vampire stood in the doorway. She didn’t answer for a second but then she blurted out, ‘Micah we have to talk!’ 

I turned to face her questioningly. Her round blue eyes were full of questions and she gave a little dramatic flick of her hair before she sat down opposite me. 

‘Okay Micah, I’m a little worried...’ she began, but I interrupted her.

‘Crystal I know what you’re thinking. You’re worried about Alex.’

‘Not worried about her as such, but...’

I interrupted her again with, ‘Then I don’t see the problem? She’s perfectly capable of looking after herself is she not?’ 

‘Micah, will you just listen to me?!’ Crystal shouted. ‘You need to tell her! We don’t have much time left! You can’t just stand there acting all cold hearted and smug, just drop the act and tell her!’ 

I just stared at her. I knew she was right; I certainly should tell her, but when, and how? I’m not even sure she’d believe me. I could just imagine her, those bright green eyes of her sceptical, one elegant eyebrow arched with an expression that would say, ‘what on earth, you absolute nutter.’

It would be slightly comical if it wasn’t such a morbid matter. 

‘Gabriel and Riley think exactly the same thing you know...’ Crystal added. ‘They think that she’s gonna be more dangerous if you just leave her in the dark like this.’

‘Alright! I’ll tell her okay? Just...give me some time.’

‘Time is against us Micah! That’s the point!’ she yelled. ‘Either you tell her now or I will!’ 

‘Don’t you dare!’ I snarled, with such fury it left her speechless and slightly scared. ‘You will not tell Alex, or so help me you will regret it!’ And with that I got up, knocking my chair into the wall and stormed outside.


I was now looking for Alex. I was wandering through the park on my own, the morning sun casting a dim orange glow that lightly touched the trees and ground in scatters, casting shadows that stretched across the ground. This wasn’t exactly my favourite time of the day; I preferred the night. There was something about the clear air and the way it gave you the feeling of masking yourself, not revealing your true identity to anyone...

I pushed branches out of the way, infuriated at Crystal. The way she had made me feel earlier...I had a pretty hard time controlling my temper and she didn’t make me feel any better. 

I had to find Alex, fast.

Alex? I projected my thoughts, hoping she would pick up on them and at least let me know she was okay...

Micah. Her voice was full of such anger and upset that it instantly knocked me breathless. What do you want?

I followed her thoughts and found myself wound up in the deepest parts of the woods, staring at Alex sitting on the floor, leaning against a tree glaring up at me.

‘Have you fed?’ I said aloud. She looked down and her expression was...ashamed? I took that as a confirmation. 

‘Alex...’ I began with a softer tone. I knelt down in front of her, looking at her with concern. To my horror I saw that she had been crying. For some reason that I couldn’t quite comprehend this truly hurt me, it was like a punch in the gut. I gently put my fingers under her chin and tilted her head upwards. This was like déjà vu for me (the last time I had done this she had seen me brutally killing her “friend”) and I felt wary that she might remember this and go mental.

But she didn’t. She just stared at me with lifeless eyes. Her normally bright eyes had lost all the light and this seriously worried me. 

‘You shouldn’t be ashamed...’ 

‘Don’t give me that crap please Micah. I can’t deal right now.’ Wow, she was taking this pretty bad. Was it really worth it? A tiny part of my mind questioned and I felt angry with myself for even thinking this, of COURSE it was worth it! I didn’t really have a choice anyway!

‘Just leave me alone.’ She pulled her head away and fixed her eyes on something behind me, on the floor. I followed her gaze and spotted the man from earlier, lifeless and drained of blood. I felt a pang of pity for her; she truly didn’t want to do it.

‘You needed that, to survive,’ I whispered gently. Anger flared in those brilliant gem-like eyes as she turned on me.

‘YOU did this to me in the first place! I just killed an innocent man! He had family and friends, a future and a job, and I just snatched it all away from him.’ She paused. ‘Like you did with Nadia.’

She swiftly got up and started walking away, but I wasn’t finished. 

‘Wait, Alex!’ I ran after her and grabbed her hand. ‘Don’t attack me or anything, but I really have to tell you something...’

It was now or never. Just spit it out! 

‘Alex, this has been building up inside me for ages and I swear if I don’t tell you I’m going to go mad.’ It felt like my still heart should be hammering away wildly and my palms should be sweating, like they do in the movies.

‘What?’ she questioned, slightly wary now.

‘I...’ I took a shaky breath. ‘Alex I think I’m in love with you.’ Then I added with a huge amount of self assurance, ‘No, I know I’m in love with you.’

I assessed her reaction; her beautiful green eyes widened and her mouth formed a little O shape. It was slightly comical but I wasn’t about to laugh. 

‘You...?’ she left the question hanging and broke away from me. ‘How...? Why?’ she spluttered. I decided now was the best time to explain everything.

‘Alex, I’m not the bad guy. It’s all been an act; I had to make you think I was evil...’ I stopped talking; someone was clapping slowly behind me. I whirled round and saw the last person in the world I wanted to see: Luka.


The End

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