Chapter Seven - AlexMature

I landed on top of him with a sharp thud and we both went sprawling to the ground. For a moment it was just the shock of him seeing me here, on top of him. I was debating whether or not to run for it when he threw his arms around me.

‘Alex!’ he sobbed. ‘God! I thought you were dead!?’ I couldn’t do anything but hug him back, although the scent had been intensified here and I was struggling to cope. ‘Wait...’ he pulled away and his cheeks were stained with tears which kept flowing. ‘How is this possible? I saw them...bury you...’

I didn’t know what to say. For once I was stuck for words. I couldn’t exactly tell him the truth; he’d think I was insane! Mind you, we had been friends for years, surely he’d trust me? 

I got up and offered him my hand to help him up. He took it and gasped. I’d just done the stupidest thing. His hand was insanely warm compared to my ice cold touch.

‘Alex...’ he whispered. ‘What...?’ 

I couldn’t let him finish. I pelted off in the opposite direction, not caring if he saw me. I ran at top speed, through the park, past the houses, out of town. I had to get away, fast.


Sitting in the forest on my own, sobbing. Letting all the shock and the emotion finally catch up with me. I found it all surreal; how could I go from being a normal teenage girl with normal teenage issues to a vampire in this short amount of time? My life had changed dramatically and I wasn’t coping well. Add that together with the fact that I hadn’t “fed” yet didn’t put me in the lightest of moods. 

I was seriously trying to ignore this ache in my throat but it kept throbbing and I was slowly losing control. I had nearly attacked Nate earlier; it had taken all of my willpower to turn away. I had to hunt. I wasn’t happy, but it had to be done.

I wearily got up, shaking ever so slightly. I could feel myself becoming physically weaker and I had a feeling that my powers wouldn’t be as strong either. I made my way to the outskirts of the forest and slowly trudged back into town. 

With a strong sense of déjà vu, I found myself slowly stalking a lonesome man. I couldn’t tell who he was from the back, or if I knew him. I could only see that he had black hair. I made a pact to myself there and then that I’d do all in my power to not kill him. No matter how hungry I was, I would never kill someone. 

I wondered briefly if I had it in my power to heal someone. Just then, the guy turned round and stared at me right in the eye. He had shocking blue eyes and a sour expression.

‘May I help you?’ he spoke frostily. I just shook my head, trying to look innocent and not that I was about to snack on him!

‘Is there a specific reason as to why you’re following me or is it just pure coincidence?’ I frowned at his tone, he was being very rude. Sure, I was about to attack him but still, a little courtesy never hurt anyone. I shrugged to myself. It was now or never; he’d know it was me that attacked him even if he wasn’t looking seeing as it was just me and him.

He wouldn’t know if you killed him... a recognizable mental voice sounded and my eyes narrowed. Micah. I didn’t turn to face him; I didn’t need to. I could see him in my peripheral vision with my newfound eyesight. 

Go away Micah; you’ve ruined my life enough.

Quite impressive, what you did earlier. Ruining the house like that? Ten out ten.

The man was still staring at me, uncertainly now, not sure why I wasn’t replying to him. I had to act quickly or he’d escape, but I didn’t want Micah to see me.

What are you waiting for? Don’t mind me. His voice was somehow smug and it just made angry. 

‘Right, well...’ the man mumbled, confused and he turned to walk off. 

‘No!’ I called out. He turned around again, questioningly. I had to think fast. I could still see Micah in the shadows, arms crossed, expression superior. 

Micah, leave me alone, my voice was softer, pleading. I didn’t want to make it look like I was begging, but I couldn’t let him see me, I just couldn’t. 


Just go away. I lunged forward, grabbing the man round the waist and pelted it. I didn’t know where I was going exactly, and I couldn’t hang on much longer, the man was screaming and struggling. I couldn’t sense Micah behind me, but nevertheless I ran faster.

The End

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