Chapter Five - AlexMature


I was sat in a chair, trembling slightly. The others said nothing to comfort me, but Riley gave a tiny smile and the impression I got from his thoughts was that I should be okay and I had nothing to fear. I was starting to like Riley. The others just made me feel on edge. 

‘Okay Alex, I want you to relax.’ Gabriel tried soothing me, but I was too keyed up and worried. He put his fingers on my temple and closed his eyes, telling me to do the same. 

I did as I was told and tried to calm down. I hoped this wasn’t going to hurt. I thought of my family, of Nate and Luka. I thought of school, of the cinema, of lazy summer days when I would hang around with my friends at the park. I tried not to dwell on the fact that these days could never happen again. I would have to hide away for the rest of my life, all because of Micah. I hated him with a passion.

Just then, a bolt of pain shot through my head, like a massive migraine. I gritted my teeth, determined not to show any weakness. The pain continued and it gradually spread all through my body, up my arms, down my legs. I started shaking and I heard Micah call out, distantly, ‘What’s wrong with her?’ 

‘Bear with me,’ Gabriel answered, through gritted teeth. I could tell that this was draining for him and he was fighting with all his might. 

My eyes snapped open and Gabriel went flying across the room. Without thinking, I stuck my hand out and stopped him from crashing into the wall at the last minute. He hovered in the air for a few seconds then softly fell to the floor. 

And so my powers were active.


‘I never even knew about these, how come they only work when I’m a vampire?’ I questioned Micah. The others were still here and Gabriel was okay just very tired. He quietly thanked me from stopping him from smashing into the wall. He also explained it was natural that there would be a lot of power emitting from me as soon as they’d been awakened. It would take a while for me to get ‘normal’. Whatever the hell that was anymore.

‘Word travels fast,’ he flashed me a wicked grin. I guessed that was the only answer I was going to get. I wasn’t really talking much; I had this weird, burning aching sensation in my throat. It was getting uncomfortable and I think I knew what this was, but I wanted to avoid this so I didn’t bring it up. However, Micah sensing my distress and being able to read my mind instantly knew what was wrong with me.

‘You’re hungry.’ It wasn’t a question; it was a statement of fact. The others glanced up at me and turned to Micah.

‘She hasn’t fed yet?’ Crystal enquired. ‘Why not? She’s freshly made, she’ll need to soon or you know what’ll happen.’ 

‘I know,’ Micah gave Crystal a look, which instantly shut her up. I was curious, but not enough to question what would actually happen. 

‘Come on, we’ll get you fed, then I’ll explain everything, I promise.’ Micah stood up and headed for the door, me following him with the others trailing behind.


‘We’re not gonna kill anyone are we?’ I asked, doubtfully. All four of them stared at me as if the answer was obvious. ‘Oh no, I am not killing anyone!’

‘How else are you gonna survive?’ Micah demanded, exasperated. ‘Vampires need human blood to survive.’

‘Can’t we just, stop before we kill them?’ I pleaded. ‘I refuse to kill an innocent human being like you did.’

‘You can stop if you want, but it’s hard and takes a long time to master, I just can’t be bothered with the effort.’ He started off in the opposite direction with Crystal following him. Gabriel crossed the road and started trailing someone down an alley.

I just stood there, unable to stop any of them. Riley glanced at me with a sympathetic expression. ‘Come on, I’ll help you.’

‘But they're just going to kill people! Can’t we stop them?’

‘Alex, we’re vampires, it’s what we do. I have to agree with you though, I don’t like it. Now come on,’ Riley smiled and led the way along another desolate street.

We started following a young couple. We were stealthy and they didn’t even notice we were there. I felt sick to my stomach as I saw them holding hands and talking quietly. 

‘Riley...’I whispered, almost on the verge of tears. 


Riley shifted forward into a crouch and although the couple were walking away, I knew he’d close the space within a second. He was getting ready to jump. I couldn’t let him do it! I wouldn’t! Just as he leapt off the ground, I did the only thing I could think of. I held up my right hand and he froze, mid-air. I yelled at the couple to run and they turned around with startled expressions. They saw Riley growling in the air, furiously glaring at me. They screamed and ran down the street.

I made sure they were safely out of distance before I lowered Riley gently to the floor. I was bracing myself for an attack, but all he did was glower at me, unleashing the full force of his emerald eyes.

I stood my ground, not backing down. ‘I won’t do it.’ I said this with such determination and conviction that he slowly calmed down, but when he spoke, he was still angry.

‘You do realise what will happen now? You just allowed those people to escape. Micah is going to kill you.’

‘I’d like to see him try,’ I snarled. 

‘They’re going to blab!’ Riley shouted at me.

‘Who’s going to believe them that vampires exist? I had a pretty hard time believing it myself!’ I snorted, but secretly I was worried. They would have suffered a quick, painless death but now that they’d gotten away, we were in danger and Riley was absolutely right, Micah was going to murder me.


‘You STUPID girl! Do you realise what this means?!’ Micah was furious. He was pacing back and forth across the room with me just stood there. Gabriel, Riley and Crystal had gone now, after glaring hatefully at me on the way out. 

‘I don’t care! I didn’t have a say in this new lifestyle did I?! You just thought you’d change me into a vampire la-di-da! Well I hate it! I miss my friends, my family and all I can feel is this burning ache in my throat which can only go away by murdering some poor innocent human being! Do you even know how that makes me feel? You’ve ruined my life!’ I was livid. All the anger I’d been holding back over the last few days had been building up and now I’d finally snapped. 

Micah just glared at me, fuming. I glared back at him and we stood like that for a while until his features soften ever so slightly. ‘Alex,’ he said in a quiet voice with his eyes closed. ‘I did all of that for a reason.’

‘Which, may I remind you, hasn’t even been explained yet!’ I cried out in frustration. I could have just read his mind to prevent all this aggro, but he had his thoughts well blocked.

‘It’s too dangerous!’ Micah shouted. ‘I can’t explain just yet! I will explain, just not now.’ His voice was firm; he wasn’t changing his mind anytime soon. 

‘Fine, but tell me this, do my family know I’m missing?’ I dreaded the answer, but I needed to know. 

Micah looked extremely uncomfortable and hung his head. I took that as a confirmation. 

‘Well, thank you so much for meddling, but I can go home and fix this now.’ I started towards the door but Micah grabbed my arm.

‘Alex, it’s a little more than that actually. They, um...’ he paused. ‘They think you’re dead.’

The End

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