Chapter Four - AlexMature


‘No you are NOT!’ I got up, knocking my chair backwards and despite what he said, I pelted for the doorway. He was in front of it before I even got there. 

He glared at me, baring his sharp teeth causing me to flinch back. He looked so genuinely frightening and wild it scared me down to the core.

I realised I had no choice but to do as he said. 

‘What did I just say?!’ Micah questioned impatiently. ‘We don’t have time for this! You’re not going to escape human! Face it and accept it!’ He started pacing back and forwards as I slowly picked up my chair and sat back down. ‘Right, better get this over with!’ 

Surprisingly, I felt strangely calm; I had no doubt that Micah had something to do with that; to stop me from screaming and running away. Not that I’d get very far...

‘Is it going to hurt?’ I couldn’t help asking in a tiny voice. 

‘Not if you don’t struggle. If you struggle then yes, it will hurt, a lot.’ I kept this is mind as he started to make his way towards me.

‘Wait...why do you need me as a vampire to unlock my powers? Can’t you just do some sort of spell?’ 

‘No. It would kill you if you were human.’

‘Pft, what’s the point in having them in the first place?’ I muttered. 

‘Will you shut up so I can get this over with?’ 

I frowned, but said nothing more. He told me to stand up and move my hair from my neck. I did this with shaking hands. He cupped one hand round the back of my neck, to keep me in place. I kept my head to the side, still relatively calm. 

And then he bit me.

I was surprised. I actually thought it would hurt. In the films I’d seen, the victims would struggle to no avail. They made it look like this was the most painful experience anyone could ever live through, there face would twist in pain and they’d cry out helplessly, dramatically trying to shove away their attacker.

But it was nothing like that. I was calmer than I’d ever been. I was distantly aware of Nadia’s body, lying drained and pale in the corner of the room, but I felt nothing. I thought about Nate and my family and how I might never see them again, I felt nothing. I thought about school and my friends and my normal teenage life that I was giving up, I felt nothing. It was like nothing mattered.

He pulled away and steadied me on my feet. He put his wrist to his mouth and made a quick jerking motion. Red liquid seeped through a cut and I realised that I was actually supposed to...drink it.

But naturally, I was drawn to it and I grasped his arm in my hands and drank greedily. It was warm and thick and sweet, like nothing I’d ever tasted before. I found myself wanting more and more, I never wanted to stop and it was only now that I understood why vampires craved this stuff, why they needed it.

I gripped his arm tighter until he pulled away.

My legs gave way and Micah caught me and lowered me gently to the floor.

‘What’s....happening?’ I slurred, eyes fighting to stay open. I heard something like a snigger and Micah’s voice was a little softer.

‘It’s natural, you’ll sleep for...’

But I didn’t hear the rest. I fell into a deep, comfortable slumber.


I was on the beach. The wind was blowing through my hair and I was walking along the golden sands, hand in hand with Luka. I sighed in content. The sun was just setting, casting a warm orange light across the sea. 

‘This is nice,’ I smiled. Luka’s hand tightened around mine and he brought it up to his face to plant a gentle kiss on my skin.

‘Yes, but it can’t last long,’ his voice was sad and it instantly made me feel unhappy. Deep down, I knew this was true. I was needed somewhere, but where? That was the question. 

I pouted and Luka laughed lightly at my expression. ‘This can’t go on.’ Just then, clouds formed overhead and the sea started getting really choppy. The wind picked up, blowing my hair around my face and making me shiver. I looked around in confusion and I met Luka’s eyes. Only they weren’t Luka’s anymore. They were Micah’s. They sparkled threateningly and he gave a malevolent smirk. 

He bent towards me and whispered in my ear, ‘You can wake up now, you’re needed.’ 

I felt a tugging sensation from below me. I saw with horror my feet were sinking into the sand, and I was slowly going down. Micah let go of my hand and gave a laugh that sent chills tingling down my spine. I tried screaming out for help, but no voice escaped my throat, I was sinking faster and faster, into ground. I reached out my arms wildly, willing Micah to grab them and haul me up. He didn’t move, he just stood there with his arms folded, looking down with amusement. The sand was up to my chin now, I was going to die! 

‘See you in a minute, Alex,’ Micah chuckled, and it was the last thing I heard before the sand engulfed me whole. 


I sat up, sweat pouring down my face, gasping wildly. I was comforted for a split second with the fact that this was a dream, but that was instantly replaced with horror and grief as I remembered the whole thing with Micah and Nadia.

I was a vampire now. I flexed my fingers, not feeling any physically different. 

Looking around the bare room, I saw it was virtually empty. The only furniture in the room was this bed and an old, wooden desk in the corner. The walls were dirty and a plain grey colour. I noted Micah wasn't anywhere to be seen, perfect chance for escape... 

I slowly got off the bed, bare feet treading carefully over the squeaky floorboards. I looked around, spotting a small window at the other end of the room. I had to be quiet though, Micah could be anywhere. 

‘Yes I could be anywhere couldn’t I?’ came a familiar noise and I stopped dead in my tracks as Micah came through the door. ‘You shouldn’t project your thoughts like that you know.’ It makes it easier for me to hear them, he continued. It took me a second to realise he didn’t say this part out loud. Whoa! I can read thoughts now?

‘Yeah,’ he answered my unspoken question. ‘All vampires can pretty much. You’ll have to learn how to shield them though, that’ll become very important later on.’

‘Why, what’s going to happen?’ 

‘Never mind, I’ll explain later. A couple of my friends are on their way, they can help unlock your powers so come downstairs.’ 

‘You actually have friends?’ I asked, disbelief colouring my tone. He didn’t answer; he just glared at me and walked back downstairs. I suppose I had no choice but to follow him; he’d know if I tried to escape and I had no doubt he was a lot faster than me at the minute. 

As I re-entered the room where my nightmares had begun, I noticed Nadia’s body was missing. 

‘What did you do with Nadia?’ I demanded. He turned round to look at me and his expression was uncaring. 

‘Oh, her family took care of that.’ 

‘What?!’ I shouted. ‘You mean Nadia’s parents found her body?’ 

‘Yeah, that’s exactly what I mean. Her funeral was on Friday. Quite a big turnout really, she was quite the popular one wasn’t she?’ He actually sniggered. 

I was speechless. How could he be so callous?! He had just murdered an innocent girl and he didn’t even care! I was filled with nothing but pure rage as I focussed on him and thought about the satisfaction I would get from wiping that smirk off his face. But before I had chance to act, he gave a grim smile and said, ‘They’re here.’


I didn’t expect Micah’s friends to be so intimidating. Micah had told me to behave in front of them as they weren’t so ‘easy-going’ as he was. Yeah, he actually called himself easy-going. 

One of the guys had jet black hair and very dark eyes which contrasted sharply with his pale complexion. He had a very serious expression and there was something about him, something hidden in his eyes that gave me the impression he'd seen too much in his lifetime. He was introduced as Gabriel.

The other guy was called Riley and he shared Gabriel's chalky pallor. He had ash-blonde hair and bright green eyes. He looked slightly more relaxed than Gabriel, but he didn’t exactly look like a barrel of laughs.

The girl was strikingly beautiful, with long wavy red hair and cold, blue eyes. She had an air of confidence about her and stood now with her hand on her hip, speculating me with mild interest. 

‘And this is Crystal,’ Micah told me, gesturing to the girl. 

‘Hi,’ I mumbled. Doing something I thought I’d never do, I kept quiet just as Micah had advised. Things were quiet for a second before Gabriel gave a deep, long sigh and said, ‘Where are we going to do this then?’ 

The End

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