Chapter Three - AlexMature

This is a dream; this is just a horrible nightmare. You’re going to wake up soon, go to school and see Nate and Luka and all your other friends. Just wake up! No matter how hard I tried to tell myself to wake up, I knew deep down, in the pit of my stomach that this was real. Very real. Nadia was dead. She was only sixteen. She had her whole life ahead of her, she could have fallen in love, gotten married and had kids. She should’ve watched them grow up, go off to Uni, grow old with the one she loved. And now she couldn’t do any of that and it was all because of this monster in front of me.

I broke down in tears, shoulders heaving up and down manically. I covered my face and sobbed hard. I couldn’t stop thinking of the way I had treated Nadia the last time I saw her. I cannot believe I was so stupid to let things end like this, on a negative note. 

I moved my hands away from my face to see the guy looking at Nadia’s dead body, smiling coldly, almost proud of his vicious work. Pure anger surged through me; I had never felt like this in all my life. I wanted to rip him apart, tear him up, and make him pay for what he’d done. I growled and sprung to my feet, charging at him, arms outstretched, ready to choke the life out of him. 

In the blink of an eye, I was suddenly in his grasp. He was behind me, his hand round my throat, squeezing harder, and harder. I fought with all my might but he was unnaturally strong. He bent down and whispered in my ear, ‘Not the wisest move. I have the power to summon people; do you honestly think you could kill me so easily?’ I stopped struggling, admitting defeat, when his hand loosened and he let me go, choking and gasping for air.

‘Now, I hope that you won’t be so careless in future. Let’s talk about why you’re here.’ He spoke casually, as if we were lifelong friends. He even brought up a chair and sat down. He motioned for me to sit down on the other one. I thought about telling him where to shove his offer when I remembered what he did to Nadia, what he almost did to me. Like he said, it wouldn’t be the wisest move. I sighed and sat down.  

He didn’t speak at first so I said in a shaky voice, ‘Y-you summoned me? What do you mean?’  My eyes kept darting to the lifeless Nadia in the corner of the room, but I was determined not to cry again. I didn’t want to give him the satisfaction.

‘Hmm, where to begin... Well I guess I should start with the basics eh?’ he grinned at me. I just stared at him, eyes burning with pure hate and fury. 

‘Vampires are real.’ He chuckled sadistically. ‘But we’re far from the vampires you read about in books and see in movies. Belief it or not, we are all evil. We are out for blood and humans mean nothing to us. Yes, we can go out in sunlight, yes we try to keep our existence a secret and no you don’t stand a chance in making it out here alive.’ 

‘Vampire’s aren’t real,’ I scoffed shoving my fear aside when I realised this guy was a nutter.  ‘They are imaginary creatures used to scare kids and they stay in books and movies, not real life.’  

He blinked at me then grinned slyly. ‘You’re in denial eh? How do you explain the strength I just demonstrated?’

‘You love the gym,’ I replied straight away. It was a stupid answer, but I couldn’t think of anything else.

‘The speed?’ he probed.

‘Track star.’ 


‘I’m hallucinating. And right now, I’m just sitting here oh so casually with some psycho who just killed my friend when I should be calling the police who’ll lock you up where you belong.’ I spat. I reached in my pocket for my phone, flipped it open and started to dial when something moved, faster than a cobra and my phone wasn’t in my hand anymore. I frowned in confusion, only to see the psycho holding my phone. He closed his hand and squeezed, breaking it into pieces. 

I stared, gobsmacked. ‘You...crushed my phone.’ 

‘Yes, I also just murdered your friend. I’m dangerous, don’t you see? And I’m a vampire. So let’s forget you trying to escape because it’s not going to happen and focus on stuff that matters.’ 

I couldn’t say anything. 

‘Right now, you’re not grieving for your friend as I’m not letting you. I can’t have you crying and everything when I need to talk. I summoned you for one very specific reason: You have something I want.’ 

Again, I didn’t say anything. I was reeling from the fact that he was a vampire. I was pretty sure they only existed in imaginations and movies and books. I’d never seen any evidence to even question my belief in the mythical creatures. But I knew one thing that was definite; my world had been turned upside down. Things would never be the same again. I would question everyone I would ever meet. My teachers, people in the street, even my classmates... 

But surely not all vampires were evil, he had to be wrong, otherwise the human race would have been wiped out years ago.

I nonchalantly glanced up at him as I was thinking this when something got my attention. His hair, it was a strangely familiar shade of blonde. I was puzzling it over, trying to recollect where I had seen it before...

‘YOU WERE IN MY HOUSE!’ I cried out, jumping up, startling him. ‘That night with the power cut!’

He looked bewildered for a moment, and then something flickered across his face, too quick for me to read and he said, ‘Yeah, I was.’ 

‘Why?!’ I exclaimed. ‘How the hell did you get in my house? I thought vampires had to be invited in...’

He scoffed. ‘Another one of those stupid myths, vampires don’t have to be invited inside anywhere, we come and go as we please. As for being in your house...I don’t know, I was searching for you and I saw you come downstairs. I didn’t take you then because I needed to bide my time, make plans, find ways to lure you to me. I guess it worked.’ 

‘One thing I want to know, before you explain any of this mess. Why did you kill Nadia? She was innocent, she was my friend. She had her whole life ahead of her,’ I demanded. 

He didn’t answer for a while, he looked down and actually looked uncomfortable, before his features hardened and he glanced back up at me with a harsh expression. ‘Why should I care? She was just a human, meant nothing to me. I saw her walking home so I decided to drag her back here and kill her. Why not?’ He was saying this all so offhandedly, like a human life meant nothing to him. It probably didn’t. He was a cold-blooded killer with no morals, no soul and not a care in the world. And to think that we were surrounded by them, they could be anywhere.  It was a pretty chilling thought. 

‘Fine, okay, we’ve established that you’re nothing but a monster, something whose life deserves to be taken away, just as viciously as Nadia’s. Moving onto the next topic of conversation, why the hell am I here? You said you needed something I had? You’re not getting anything.’ 

He pursed his lips. ‘Here’s the thing, I’m not asking for it. I’m going to take it, whether you like it or not. You have something I want, something I need, and I’m not leaving until I get it.’ 

I frowned. ‘What do you want?’ 

‘Well, it seems you possess some extraordinary powers, which don’t seem to be awakened yet, so that’ll be the first thing, and then-‘

‘Wait!’ I held up my hand. ‘What do you mean I possess some ‘extraordinary powers’? This seems to be a case of mistaken identity. I don’t own anything; I’m just a regular human being.’ 

‘Aha, but you’re not. You’re in a fact an extremely strong telepath, along with many other things. But the point it, you don’t know anything about them. This is going to be tricky.’ He frowned.

‘No, I’m being serious! You have honestly got the wrong person here, I’m not special in any way,’ I protested. 

He sighed, exasperated. ‘Your name is Alexandra Rose Madison?’ 

I nodded, warily.

‘You live on number twenty Charles Road?’ 

I nod again.

‘You have a little sister called Laurie and your mum and dad are James and Maria?’ 

‘How do you know all this?’ I insisted. ‘I don’t even know who you are!’ 

‘Well then you are the right person. Name’s Micah by the way,’ he flashed a wicked grin. ‘Okay, we’ll need help for this, I know some people that can help, and they owe me a favour.’ 

I was sat there in silence, still in denial, not believing him. He really was mad; I should probably get out of here as soon as I got the opportunity. 

I glanced at the door and calculated the distance between myself and my escape. I probably wouldn’t make it, but it couldn’t hurt to try? 

‘Don’t even think about it,’ Micah muttered eyes still on the floor. ‘I know what you’re thinking, and a) it wouldn’t help anything and b) you’d never make it.’ 

I slumped in my chair depressed. Was I never going to get out? Was I never going to go to school again? Never see my parents or Laurie? What about Nate? What about Luka? My life was going to be cut short, just like Nadia’s was. 

Something clicked in my head. Micah said he wanted me dead, that I wasn’t going to make it out of the room alive, and yet he needed my ‘powers’? 

‘Micah, I hate to interrupt when you’re involved in your sick thoughts, but you said you wanted my powers but that I wasn’t going to make it out of the room alive? How does that work then?’ 

He looked at me, slowly grinning. My stomach dropped. I felt I knew what he was to say next, but I couldn’t believe it anyway.

‘Alex, I’m going to make you a vampire.’

The End

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