Chapter Two - AlexMature


‘Alex! For goodness sake, stop ignoring me!’ Nadia huffed. Typical Nadia; she wouldn’t see that I was upset, scared and confused, she’d just notice I hadn’t said anything for the past two and a half minutes and jump to the conclusion I’m ignoring her. ‘Seriously though, what is wrong?! You haven’t even said hello to me today! Am I not your friend anymore?’ 

‘NADIA!’ I shout, meaning to tell her to shut her trap and stop being so self obsessed. But I can’t be bothered; I have bigger issues to deal with than petty squabbles. Instead I end up saying very softly, ‘Hello.’ 

‘Oh gee, thanks so much Alex.’ Nadia turned round and faced the window, her back to me. I didn’t care at the minute. I was still puzzling over the note I got last night.

I never told my parents in the end, I was sure that the person who wrote the note would fulfil their threat that if I told anyone, I’d regret it. 

I was staring at the whiteboard, puzzling it over, when everyone stopped chatting and the room was filled with silence, apart from the odd, ‘HELLO.’ Or ‘Oh my GOD!’ I looked up, mildly curious to see a new guy enter the room. This was the one we were all expecting. But we weren’t expecting him to be so HOT. 

He looked around, nervously, and I felt slightly sorry for him. All the girls were staring at him, giving flirty little smiles or giggling with their friends. A few guys gave dirty looks, annoyed at the newcomer for stealing the attention of every female in the room, including myself, of course. Even Nadia forgot about the fact she was supposed to be angry at me and whispered in my ear, ‘Who is that?!’ 

I didn’t reply, I was too busy checking him out. His light blonde hair was in waves and framed a perfect face. His eyes, which were an extraordinary shade of blue flickered around the classroom, looking for an empty seat, when they stopped on me. My heart gave an uneven thud. He smiled slowly, and I felt a stupid grin spread across my face. 

Just then, Mrs Cotton walked in, stopping when she noticed Mr Sexy. ‘I’m are?’ 


‘The new guy, I guess,’ he gave a nervous little laugh. ‘I’m Luka.’ Mrs Cotton looked slightly confused for a second, then she realised that yes, she was supposed to making ‘Luka’ feel welcome, because he was, in fact, the new guy. 

‘Oh! I’m sorry! I’m so disorganised this morning. I woke up late this morning and had to rush around, dropping my children off at nursery, then try and get t-‘

‘Miss, he doesn’t wanna hear your life story!’ someone shouted, and the class started sniggering. The teacher’s cheeks flushed and she tried to assert her authority. ‘Now whoever that was, that was very rude! Anyway, Luka... um, find an empty seat and try and catch up as best as you can.’ Luka nodded gratefully and looked around the room, trying to find a seat. His gaze stopped on the seat in front of me. I swear my heart just stopped. He was making his way over! He gracefully pulled the chair out and sat down. 

‘Alex, everyone’s giving you evil looks,’ Nadia whispered in my ear. I didn’t care. I was too busy staring at the back of Luka’s head, like some crazy obsessed stalker. He had a nice head. Just then, he turned around. Crap! I quickly looked away and tried to act casual. I hope he didn’t see me staring.

‘Alex, is it?’ Luka started. I just stared at him, my mouth slightly open. Say something you fool!, a voice said in my head. But I couldn’t. He was so hot. He had the nicest eyes I had ever seen. Those lips, the shape, imagining them pressed against mine...

‘Hello?’ he said again, laughing slightly, uncertainly. He was probably thinking what a complete nutter he chose to sit in front of. 

‘Yeah! Sorry,’ I tried to sound cool, but to my annoyance a childish giggle escaped my mouth. For goodness sake woman! Pull yourself together! You’re not a child! ‘Luka, eh? That’s a pretty unusual name.’ I tried to sound sexy, but failed. 

‘Yeah, it is pretty unusual.’ He frowned. 

‘It’s nice though!’ Nadia chirped. ‘Pretty sexy actually...’ Oh dear god. Could she be any more obvious? Mind you, I can hardly talk. Luka grimaced and turned back to face the front. I sneaked a peek at Nadia and she looked hurt. I had to stifle my laughter.


‘So why did you decide to move schools?’ I questioned. We were on our way to English, and seeing as I was the only one in the class who was in the same set as him, I had to show him the way. Not that I was bothered.

‘Long story,’ he sighed, and I could tell that he didn’t want to go into any more detail. I pushed aside my curiosity and changed the subject.

‘How are you finding all the attention?’ I give a weak laugh and he laughs in response. 

‘It’s unusual, but nice.’ He stopped and smiled down at me. My legs turned to jelly. Looking up into his eyes, it hit me that there something vaguely familiar about him. Something I couldn’t quite put my finger on. 

‘ We ought to hurry up, wouldn’t want to be late would we?’ He grinned and started back up the corridor. I had to run to catch up with him. 

‘Miss, this is Luka, he’s new.’ I introduced Luka when we got to English and had to go through the process of sighing girls, jealous guys etc, etc. 

Seeing as I spent most of English on my own, guess who ended up sitting next to me? Luka Fielding, of course. 

We were doing poetry in English but to be honest, I didn’t actually take in anything the teacher said. My thoughts kept flickering to the intruder in my house. I don’t know why, but my mind was trying to tell me something, something important. I nearly got it, when Luka whispered in my ear, ‘Alex, I don’t get any of this.’ His breath, so close to my skin made me shiver and it was good few seconds before I could actually say anything.

‘D-Don’t worry, you can borrow my book,’ I mumbled, my cheeks flushing bright red. 


This was the last lesson of the day, and I was contemplating whether or not to catch the bus. It was too cold to walk anywhere. I could catch the bus with Nate. I knew he’d be on because of how cold it was today. 

‘Alex, you live on Charles road, don’t you?’ 

I turned to face him, puzzled. How did he know that? I’ve never told him and this is the first time I’ve seen him.  Gossip probably, I thought, shrugging it off. 

‘Yeah, why?’

‘Well, I don’t have anyone to walk home with yet, me being new and all, so I was wondering, can I walk you home?’ All thoughts of buses and cold winds flew out the window as soon as he said those words.


Bloody hell, it’s freezing! I didn’t actually know it could be so cold. Why on earth didn’t I bring a coat? I’m certain I didn’t look very attractive, nose running, cheeks rosy red and me shivering, while walking alongside the flawless Luka, who, I might add, doesn’t look bad in the wind. He looks like he belongs in one of those dramatic adverts with the windblown hair, promoting some kind of perfume or car of some sort.

‘You alright? You should have brought a coat!’ Luka laughed. I turned to face him, almost expecting him to be holding a perfume bottle. 

‘I’m f-f-fine!’ I replied, teeth chattering. Curse this foul winter weather! We were nearly home, and had spent half the journey being trailed by girls, giggling and laughing away. I severely hope I hadn’t sounded like that earlier. So unattractive. 

‘Here, the cold doesn’t affect me.’ Luka then did something I thought only happened in corny films. He actually took off his jacket and made me wear it. I was in Luka’s coat. I nearly started hyperventilating. 

I sneakily took a whiff and nearly passed out. He smelt SO nice. Some sort of cologne that made my head spin. I looked up to see him staring at me. CRAP, he’d saw me smell his coat. What was I going to do now? He was probably going to run off and stay as far away from me as possible. I was about to save the bother by taking off the coat myself, when his hand came slowly towards my face.  My heart was hammering away madly as he tucked a bit of hair behind my ears and let his fingers slowly brush my jaw line. My skin grew hot. He let his hand rest on my cheek and he slowly tilted his head towards me, his lips coming ever closer to mine...

What was I doing? I barely knew the guy. I pulled away at the last minute. 

‘Luka...’ I started. 

‘No, it’s alright, I understand,’ he smiled. I smiled back gratefully.

 ‘We’d better get a move on; Mum gets stressed if I’m too late home.’ He paused then glances up at a huge house we were standing in front of.

‘Well, I’m kind of home...’ 

‘What? I thought you lived on Charles Road?’ I asked, perplexed. He looked embarrassed; he looked down and spoke in a quiet voice. ‘I lied about that.’

‘What? Why?’ 

‘You’re gonna think I’m majorly sad. I kind of...wanted an excuse to walk home with you...’ he glanced up nervously, awaiting my reaction. I was just completely and 100% mystified. The guy barely knew me and he wanted to walk home with me? What was so special about me? Nevertheless, I couldn’t stop a stupid grin spreading over my face and blood rush to my cheeks. I looked like a little schoolgirl. Perfect.

‘That’,’ I giggled. He looked more comfortable and gave a little smile. I took another look at the huge building. It was like a mansion. It was well kept and very modern. It towered in front of us and I just gazed up in awe.

‘Yeah, this is my house. Wanna come in?’ Luka offered. I was tempted to say yes, but I couldn’t. I had to get home. Plus that strange feeling was creeping slowly back. It was weird, like I should be wary of whatever was in that house. It was scary.

‘Sorry, not tonight, gotta get back,’ I said. I started to take off his coat when he held up his hands.

‘No, keep it on; you still have to walk home, don’t you? Just bring it tomorrow.’ He paused a second, head tilted slightly towards the door. His eyes suddenly iced over and his expression became impassive. Without another word, he marched up the path and into his cavernous house, slamming the door shut, leaving me there speechless.


I was sitting on my bed, once again. The feeling hadn’t gone away. I was still thinking about his weird mood swing after school.  The ways his eyes iced over, they became so cold, so unfriendly. I’d known the guy for less than a day and yet I couldn’t stop thinking about him.

‘Argh!’ I groaned, getting up off my bed and going to the bathroom. I bent over the sink, splashing cold water in my face and looked at myself in the mirror. I nearly screamed out loud when Luka’s reflection was stood there, staring at me with mild, unfriendly interest. I whirled around, grabbing the sink for support.

No one was there. I was going mad, I was sure of it. There was something about Luka Fielding. Something unnatural. The way I felt around him wasn’t normal. I shouldn’t be this captivated.  And yet, here I was hallucinating about him.

I was suddenly overcome by this strange feeling. Someone was calling to me, and without thinking about it, I was walking downstairs, through the hall, out the door...

I wasn’t really with it, I was vaguely aware of what was around me, but I wasn’t whole. It was like I wasn’t in my own body. Some sort of power was drawing me forward, round corners, across roads. I was now entering unknown territory. I had no idea where I was, but it was a rundown neighbourhood. I tried to make myself stop, but I wasn’t in control anymore. Broken glass dotted the pavement and I heard a distant bark of a dog. The windows were all boarded up and graffiti decorated the stony buildings.  

‘Alexxxxxx....’ came a soft sigh, carried through the air by the gentle wind. I felt myself drawn to this mysterious whisper and on I continued walking. 

It was about ten minutes later that I felt myself stop in front of a gloomy and dark, abandoned house. A hand reached towards the door handle and I realised with tender surprise that it was mine. The door creaked open, hanging on its hinges. 

You don’t want to go in here, Alex, came a confident voice in my head. It’s dangerous, turn away while you still can. But didn’t it know? I couldn’t turn away, even if I tried. I was in a dream-like state and was being played like a puppet.

I entered the blackness and walked over creaky floorboards. There was a faint light coming from the room not much further ahead and I realised that this was my destination. Whatever was controlling me now, wanted me to go in that room. So, I glided towards the door, and pushed it open, gently and slowly. A strangled scream escaped my throat, breaking me out of my trance as I saw the scene in front of me.

The figure bent over the dead girl in his arms, looked up at me and smiled, blood dripping from his mouth. I wanted to run, get away as far as I could, scream and shout for help, but I was glued to the spot. I dropped to the floor, clutching my stomach, a huge wave of nausea sweeping over me, like a massive tidal wave. I groaned slightly and the man in front of me laughed coldly. 

He dropped the body to the ground and headed over towards me, squatting just in front of me, at eye level. I refused to look at him, shaking and trembling with pure terror. He put his fingers under my chin and forced my head up, and I tried to jerk away but he was looking at me so strangely, I felt compelled to just sit there and gawk at him. 

His eyes were entrancing; they were a bright violet colour with flecks of light that looked like diamonds, dancing and showing off their beauty. He grinned savagely, and I could see a pair of blood red fangs protruding from his gums.

‘You arrived,’ he spoke in a hard, cold voice that seemed to be slightly amused at the same time. I couldn’t speak yet, I was struck numb with fear. ‘I knew it’d be easy, you’re too easy to control. We’ll have to work on that.’ I didn’t even register what he said.

He stood up again, breaking the spell and my eyes instinctively darted to the lifeless girl on the floor and I went deathly still. Her long brown hair fanned out around her, and there was a huge gaping hole in her neck. That wasn’t what shook me the most though. The girl, on the floor, the one whose life was so cruelly and brutally snatched away from her was Nadia.

The End

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