The UnexpectedMature

Alex was an ordinary human girl with an ordinary human life, until that fateful night.
With her life suddenly flipped upside down, and Alex discovering she isn't quite human anymore, can she seek comfort in the arms of handsome, caring Micah or her very human, very innocent best friend Nate? And with mysterious Luka hell bent on destroying her life and those of her loved ones, can Alex's life ever be the same again?
I'm really not very good at creating summaries. I don't even know what my sto

Ever get that feeling that you’re being watched? That you’re not quite alone? I had that feeling right this minute as I made my way through the cold night, on my way home. I could feel someone staring at me; I could feel eyes boring into my back. I cast an uneasy glance behind me, but could see no one. I tugged my coat tighter round me and started walking faster. The feeling didn’t leave though and I knew I had to hurry. I didn’t want to start running though; people might think I’m mad! And yes, I am that type of girl who cares what people think of her, even if it is in a dangerous situation. I can’t help it; I’ve been like it ever since I could remember. I’m the girl who, if running away from danger, would quickly look in a shop window or a nearby mirror to check if her hair was alright. I’m not vain though, it’s just out of habit.  

Right now for instance, I looked at myself in a shop window just to check if my appearance was alright, when I saw a figure move out of the corner of my eye. I spun round, my eyes scanning the street, but it was desolate. There was nobody there.

Growing evermore wary, I carried on walking even faster than before and I heard footsteps follow me, a soft pitter-patter at first but then they quickened their pace and were getting nearer, and nearer and nea-

Someone grabbed my shoulders and I whirled round, slapping whoever was there round the face. They instantly let go and clutched their cheek.

‘OUCH! Is that how you greet all your friends?’ My best friend stood in front of me, rubbing his face. 

I didn’t say anything; I just stood there, letting relief and embarrassment seep through me. Relief; that he wasn’t some crazy psycho intent on killing me, and embarrassment because I had just attacked my best friend.

He frowned at me, still rubbing his cheek. ‘Seriously, what was that for?’

‘I’m sorry,’ I muttered, humiliated. ‘I’ve just been feeling really on edge recently and I could tell someone was following me. I guess it was your fault for sneaking up on me.’ I smirked. 

‘Well I’m sorry but I thought it’d be funny to scare you! Guess it didn’t work out to well huh?’ He sniggered.

‘You could say that again,’ I frowned. That feeling from earlier still hadn’t disappeared for some reason. I looked around the streets again, but as like before, it was empty. Just me and Nate standing here looking like a right pair of loners. ‘Hey, can we go home? I’m not uh, feeling well...’ 

Nate looked at me with concern. ‘You okay?’

‘Yeah, but let’s just get out of here, please?’ Without another word, I grabbed his arm and pulled him along.


‘So are you going to tell me what was wrong earlier?’ Nate frowned. We were sitting in my front room, a DVD playing quietly in the background. It didn’t hold my interest. It was some soppy love story that had no real plot. 

‘Nothing was wrong, I was just jittery.’ I force a smile. He frowned again, but I changed the subject before he could say any more.

‘Hey, I heard someone new is coming into our class tomorrow?’ 

‘First I’ve heard of it...’ he muttered, but the distraction worked. ‘I hope it’s not going to be another one of those superficial girls who fancies the hell out of themselves and treats everyone else like total crap.’ 

I threw him a sympathetic glance. He’s had experience in this area; his ex pretty much broke his heart. She was pretty and she could wrap anyone around her little finger. She cheated on him again and again, and as much as I advised him to ditch her, he couldn’t. He was completely besotted. In the end, she dumped him. I got majorly mad and confronted her about it, publicly announced she was a whore. I guess it was a pretty bitchy thing to do, but she hurt my best friend so what did she honestly expect? People slowly turned against her, seeing her true nature and in the end she ended up with no friends. So she moved schools. Nate missed her but he doesn’t talk to her anymore. 

‘You know Nate, you are much better off...’ I began softly, but he held up a hand, cutting me off.  

‘Alex, I know you mean well, but please, I don’t want to talk about it.’ His face was a mask of hurt and betrayal and I instantly regretted bringing it up. 

‘Let’s turn this soppy crap off!’ I sniggered, getting up to reach for the DVD player. Just then mum popped her head around my door. 

‘Hello Nate. Listen Alex, your dad and I are just popping out to see your auntie. We’ll be back in around an hour if that’s okay?’ 

‘Yeah sure, see you later!’ I replied, smiling. She smiled back and off she went. Nate looked at his watch and he sighed.

‘I best be off, mum will be wondering where I am...’ Great, I was going to be home alone. I know most people would love this opportunity, but to be honest I hate being alone. I get so uneasy. 

‘Fine, see you tomorrow?’ 

‘Yeah, see you,’ he replied, voice distant and with that, he got up and left. I pouted slightly, hoping I hadn’t upset him by bringing back bad memories. I sighed to myself and went to sit back on my bed. I lay there for a while, staring aimlessly at the ceiling when the noise of a door being opened downstairs claimed my attention.

I sat up, the feeling that I got earlier was slowly creeping back. I was probably being stupid, but I thought I should go downstairs, to investigate. Yeah, I was also incredibly paranoid. 

*                            *                            *                            *                            *

Great. Perfect. I was downstairs, home alone, searching for a possible intruder. Of all the times to get a bloody power cut. I told myself that there was nothing to be scared of as I went into the kitchen and retrieved a torch from the drawer. I flicked it on and cast the light around the room, causing eerie looking shadows to flicker up and down the walls. 

Nobody was here. I was about to abandon my search when another noise came from the floor below me. The basement. Someone was definitely down there. But there was NO way I was going down there. Screw it, let them rob us. 

I was just about to go upstairs, grabbing the phone to call mum and dad when a figure moved out of the corner of my eye. I swung the torch round, catching a flash of bright blonde hair. I screamed out loud and the figure disappeared.

Just then, to a gentle hum, the lights flickered back on. I breathed out a long sigh of relief and headed to the direction where the figure had escaped to. I don’t know what I planned to do, but I had the phone in my hand, so I could dial 999 if necessary. 

I entered the kitchen slowly, heart pounding. I looked around the vast space, but they’d gone. The back door was open though, letting in cold night wind. I ran over to it and slammed it shut, locking it. I sagged against the door in relief, sobbing slightly. We’d never been broken into before. I thought about calling mum and dad, but decided against it. No need to worry them when they’re out, I’ll just tell them when they get home. Besides, the all the doors are locked and I’m safe.

I went back up to my room, my legs trembling and my heart struggling to slow down. I ran my fingers through my hair and regarded my reflection in the mirror. Worried green eyes stared back at me. Messy, dark red hair, tangled waves reaching just past my shoulders. I brushed hair out of my eyes and collapsed on my bed. Something rustled beneath me. Confused, I reached for whatever I was sat on. A piece of paper. With the words:



The End

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