Screaming, I flung myself forward, recalling on my nightmare, I looked around and saw I was in a house I don’t recall as my own, sitting in the chair next to the bed I appeared to have been sleeping in, was the boy, he had a wounded arm but was bandaged up – rather badly – he woke up to see me staring at him with an odd expression on my face, he laughed at me quietly at my blushing face and stood, he sat next to me on the bed and removed some stray hair back from my face an tucked it behind my ear, looking into his eyes my own filled with tears that threatened to fall, when they finally did I flung my arms around his neck and help him close.
“T-Thank god you alive…” I stuttered, barely above a whisper
“Of course I am” he replied softly, wrapping his arms around my waist
“I-In my dream, that thing K-Killed you...” I tried to explain, but I just kept crying
“Shh…its okay, I’ll never leave you” he said, kissing my forehead
This was the first time we had ever actually talked properly, this moment felt like magic like magic, I felt save, like I belonged in his warm embrace.
We lay back down onto the bed, still in each others arms and slowly drifting asleep peacefully, his warm breath caressing my face, lulling me to sleep.

I had woken up in and empty bed, I looked around to see the boy walking into the room, holding a tray of food, eggs and bacon by the smell of things.
“Hey, you’re up” he smiled warmly
“Yeah” I smiled back
“Had a good rest?” he asked, setting the tray on the bed side table
“Yeah, Thanks”
“By the way…” he started, rubbing the back of his neck “W-What’s your name?”
“Oh, sorry, it’s Amberlyee” I blushed
“Amberlyee… a beautiful name, mines Hayden” he said, smiling gently holding out his hand
“Hayden…” I repeated, taking his hand
Expecting to shake his, I was surprised he entwined his fingers with mine and pulled me to my feet.
“I got some clothes for you” he said, pulling me over to the wardrobe
He pulled out a pair of light blue jeans and a white t-shirt, handing them to me he let go of my hand and left the room. Once he was gone began to change, strangely enough the clothes fitted perfectly, then I realised that they were mine, checking in the mirror that I looked okay I sighed, then heard a tap behind me.
“Nice” he smiled “I made you breakfast, it’s on the table” he pointed
“Thank you” I replied and walked over to the plate
I sat on the chair and began to eat, Hayden walked over and sat on the bed, legs crossed with his arms in his lap he sat there watching me eat. Of course my reaction was to blush and to turn away; I’ve always hated people watching me eat, but there he was.
Once I was done he took my plate and left the room, I muttered a polite thank you and followed him into the kitchen, it was a good size, lots of room for cooking but I didn’t see many plates in the cupboards.
“Who do you live with?” I blurted out, without really thinking
“No one, just me” he replied
“Sorry” I muttered guiltily
“Its okay, my parents died in an accident, I moved here not long ago”
He said it like it didn’t bother him but by his eyes I knew the conversation saddened him, so I tried to change the subject.
“H-How come I dreamt of you, before I even knew you?”
I asked, sub-consciously this question had been burning at the back of my head, just waiting for an answer
“Well,” he started thoughtfully “I’m not like most people, as you already know”
“Oh! Of course, I forgot, sorry” I interrupted
“So I see” he chuckled “Anyway, when we…feel the presence of our...partner, or true love, our enemies will want to get hold of them and destroy them, they do it by dream.” He explained slowly and I just about managed to follow.
“We Angels can enter dreams of others, and so can the demons. Unfortunately if your hurt in the dream world, it transfers into reality, we angels do what we can to protect out partner and others from the demons” he finished
“S-so…does that mean I’m…?” I questioned
“Yeah…” he mumbled, rubbing the back of his neck again.
He turned towards me with the cutest look on his face I felt my knees weaken slightly, the turquoise eyes looking into my green ones warily, uncertain. He walked over to me and entwined our fingers together shyly.
“Amberlyee…W-Would you be mine?” he stuttered, looking down to his feet and back into my eyes again
“…Y-Yes…” I smiled
Wrapping my arms around his neck and his around my waist I finally understood everything, this was my destiny, and I wouldn’t change it for the world.
I stumbled back as I heard a window smash from another room, I turned towards Hayden to see his wings explode from his back and he flew down to wherever the noise came from. I stood there and felt glued to the floor, I could hear shouting from down the hall I was desperate to know what was going on.
“I will never let you get hold of her” I heard Hayden growl
“And whys that?” said another calm, deep voice I didn’t recognize
“You have no business with her!” Hayden’s voice began to rise
“Oh, but I think I do, out of my way boy” said the husky voice
I heard a blade being drawn and a threatening growl from Hayden, but the other man just laughed.
“Pitiful, I should kill her slowly and make you watch her die!” he mused, I could tell Hayden was glaring at him
“NEVER!” He shouted
The first collision of blades I heard snapped me out of my trance, I pelted towards the door and found the owner of the horrific voice-
And there he stood-
The demon-
The demon who tried to kill me-
And is now trying to kill Haydon.
I couldn’t explain what happened next, it was too disturbing, but I’m still alive, and so is Hayden.
He’s now got his arms around me and we are soaring through the air, the only thing is, were running from more demons…

The End

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