The agent wandered into the street, and he saw a conglomerate of ATRF trucks and vans in an intersection. He went over to investigate. The checkpoint had been completely abandoned. Nobody manned the machine guns. Nobody sat in the trucks. The agent saw nobody in sight.

The agent heard a radio.

“Station C report!”

It was a woman’s voice.

“Station C this is command. Report your status immediately.”

The agent had apparently slept through the part of the training that taught him how to use military radios. He didn’t understand the functions, and he didn’t understand the buttons. He would have used his own personal radio to contact command, but one of the creatures swiped a blade through it, nearly taking his head with it.

“Station C, if you can hear this, we are sending reinforcements, but move back to the primary base.. Begin retreat operations.”

The Agent didn’t believe what he was hearing. He thought that a highly trained military force would have come more prepared for something like this, but then how did you prepare for something like this?

The agent pulled out an M4 rifle from the back of one the ATRF vans, and he picked up some ammo for it. He figured that the station holders didn’t need it very much anymore, assuming they were still alive.

Just then he saw a squadron of military helicopters flying overhead, and he waved his arms, hoping they would see him, but the choppers passed, and he was alone again. He still had a mission to find the other agent, and he supposed that running now wouldn’t be all that fitting.

The agent heard screaming to the north of his position, and he began running over to see what was going on. He had no idea where to find the agent, so he figured he would start off by house cleaning and then investigating.

When he saw the source of the noise, he was too late. The young woman had been impaled by one the gray creatures with the overextended fingernails, and the agent pumped bullets into the creature promptly. The agent walked up to the body of the creature and the girl, but then he heard more gray creatures shrieking behind him. He turned around, and he saw twenty of those beasts on the street, heading for his direction. He ran. He figured he should probably start saving as many bullets as he could, and he felt certain that more ATRF troops could clean those up later.

He saw a bar with a flashy sign of beer hanging above the door, and the agent vaulted straight for it. He kicked the door open, and then he checked the room quickly. Then the agent put a chair to the door, and he attempted to barricade as much as he possibly could, but then he heard a shrieking noise behind him. A gray creature jumped from under the bar, and began running towards the agent. The agent went for his gun, but it turns out he didn’t need to.

Two gunshots rang out from the other side of the room, and the gray creature fell.

“You ought to be more careful in these kinds of situations, Agent.”

An ATRF soldier held a Desert Eagle from the room corner. He had the gun in one hand, and he had a glass in another.

The End

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