To it whom it may concern.

The Agent opened the  door, and then he walked into the room. He saw a police officer holding a glock in his direction.

"I am human, you know." the agent said.

The police officer pointed his gun down.

"Sorry.. sorry, I just don't know... I don't know anything anymore."

"Join the club," the agent said. 

The agent put his gun away, and then he calmly approached the officer.

"Can you tell me what happened?" the agent asked

"I don't know anymore than you do."

"Then lets start with what you do know. Have you seen an Agent Gray in the area recently?" the agent asked.

"Yeah, yeah, he helped us with the murder investigation."

"Where was he last seen?" the agent asked.

"A murder had taken place at the church, and he was sent there to investigate, but he hasn't been seen since." the officer stated.

"Thanks," the agent said.

The agent pulled his gun out, and he made a move toward the door.

"You're going outside?" the officer asked.

"Better than dying in here." the agent stated.

The agent moved out of the room. The cop moved up to the door, and he shut it behind the agent.  However, he heard a voice behind him.

"Good Evening." the voice said.

The cop looked behind him horrified, holding his glock in the direction of the sound.

"You." the cop said.

"Yes... me." the figure said.

The figure showed the cop his teeth. Two of the teeth seemed bigger than usual, a tad fanglike.

"You look tasty," the figure said.

The cop fired his glock at the figure once in the heart, but well anyone who knows anything about horror movies knows that  rarely works out.

"The agent is human.... I'm not anymore," and with that uttered statement, the figure tackled the cop to the wall and took a bite out of his neck.

The End

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