The Storming

The phone on Commander Stewart's desk rang.

"Commander, the perimeter is secure."

Commander Stewart looked at the phone for a moment, pondered, and then stated:

"Good, send em in."

APCs accompanied by helicopters drove in the direction of the town. The outsides had the abbreviation "ATRF" painted in white. The men inside checked their weapons and their ammo clips. The men in helicopters did likewise.

"Hey Jefferson, you see the game last night?"

"Oh shutup."

"Don't be a sore loser Jeffy."

"I'll give you your money later."

The men chatted about ordinary day to day affairs. It helped keep them sane; it helped remind them that they were still in the real world. Although in about thirty minutes they'd have some doubts about that. 

The convoy moved into the town, and then the men inside heard the screaming, the gunshots, and the sirens. The doors on the APC opened, and the men got out. The men wore blue uniforms and body armor with the white letters "ATRF" printed on their back. They saw men, women and children being chased by the monsters, and then the sergeant ordered them to open fire.

M4s and Mp5s riddled the creatures with bullets while women screamed. Creatures left and right were cut down, but they kept coming out of the alleyways. The creatures gnarled and screeched as the gunfire cut them down.

"Keep Firing!," said the sergeant. 

Eventually the creatures stopped coming out the alleyways, and the soldiers could relax for a minute. 

"Bloody hell," Jefferson said.

The End

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