Agent Matt ran down one hallway, and he ran down another. He didn't know what he was doing here, but he supposed that finding a safe place in a police station would be easier than finding a safe place outside. He started to question that logic.

         The agent opened a door, and he saw one of the shadowy creatures chopping up a police officer. The agent pulled out his P250 and fired a bullet into the creatures head. He closed the door behind him, and he walked up to the two dead corpses.

The police officer had his shirt cut to bits, and a glock pistol sat beside his body. The creature on the other hand was more interesting. Other than the bullet in its head, the claws in its fingernails, the red eyes, and the gray skin color, the creature looked like a completely normal human being.

The agent hadn't expected this. When he joined the ATRF he hoped that he wouldn't actually have to do anything. He hoped that the ATRF was just the government equivalent of a Scooby Doo gang. He hoped that paranormal creatures didn't actually exist, and that the government was just pumping taxpayer money into a job that wouldn't endanger him at all. He didn't think he would actually have to put his life on the line in a battle against hell.

"First time for everything," he muttered to himself as he continued to hear the screaming, the gunshots, the sirens.

The agent took a clip out of jacket and put it into his gun. He opened the door, and he hoped to find someone who was alive, someone who could explain what the hell had happened here.

The End

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