Matt didn't know what to think. As he went to the police station, he pulled out his radio.

"Agency, this is Agent Id: 7606. Paranormal creatures have been sighted. Recommending Plan B."

"Roger agent, what is your location."

"On the street near the police station."

"Get to the police station and hold your ground."


Matt didn't know how to respond. On the sidewalk men and women were getting chopped to bits by the same kind of creatures he saw in the parking garage. He saw a police officer crawling on the ground as a creature stabbed him with his long claws. He saw a woman get her head cut off, and he saw a man carrying a baby into a nearby church. Wailing, screaming and gunshots filled the atmosphere, and all hell had broken loose. 

He got to the steps of the police station and he barged in the door. A creature was charging behind, so he slammed the door in the creature's face. He looked around the police station, but he could hear nothing but more screaming and more gunshots.

...Meanwhile the agency had gotten the message, and they were mobilizing. A military base in the nearby area was prepping for a search and rescue. Men in blue uniforms and body armor labeled ATRF were grabbing M4 rifles and MP5 submachine guns from the armory racks. These armed men boarded helicopters and prepared to shoot at whatever hell had to throw at them. Men also boarded APCs to provide ground support. It rained heavily on their heads, but that was the last of their concerns.

The handler who met Matt at the Agency was also at this base. She walked into the office of the operation commander as the commander watched her men get ready for battle.

"Commander Stewart?" the handler asked.

Stewart took her beret off and let her blonde hair uncurl from the top of her head.

"What do you want?" the commander asked.

"You're familiar with the mission details?"

"Oh this again.. I know... I know... Move in, save the civilians, isolate the area, and wait for further commands. Are you done here?"

"Yes, but I am concerned. Your record with civilians isn't exactly the cleanest," the handler stated.

"Oh this crap again," Stewart exasperated. "That incident won't happen again," she stated.

"I hope not," the handler said.

"Do you want a drink?" Stewart said.


"Well I do," and with that the commander got a class and a bottle of vodka from one of the cupboards under her desk.

"Real professional," the handler said.

"Oh shutup!" said the commander.

The End

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