The Drive

The rain covered the town in the haze of a night. A jeep pulled into the police station parking garage. Cars lined up on all the sides. The driver, Agent Matt, parked his car on the fourth floor of the garage. Matt opened up the door, and locked both sides. As he was doing this, he heard a carving sound.

When he looked, he didn't believe his eyes. A creature was carving the body of a police officer in the corner. This creature looked humanlike, but it had pitch gray skin, and its fingers looked more like sharp blades than fingers. 

Agent Matt pulled out his gun and started shooting. The creature dodged the bullets, and jumped out the side of the carpark.

The agent ran towards the body. The man had a normal police uniform on, but the creature chopped the uniform to bits. Blood oozed out of his body and onto the pavement. The agent walked down to the bottom of the parking garage to find someone to help, but the garage was empty, and nobody stood in the building but the agent. The agent's loud echoes were met with nothing.

When the agent returned to the fourth floor of the parking garage, the dead cop has vanished. The blood remained, but no corpse remained, no uniform, just a big red stain on the pavement.

The Agent decided to get to the police station as quickly as he could. Perhaps there he could find someone who knew what was going on.

The End

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