Chapter 1

It was two minutes exactly until Groove Busters was going to go on air and I was shaking in my boots. (Or should I say trainers). Meanwhile, the introducer, Lucy Lawson, took her pleace in front of the camera and admired her reflection in the small compact mirror that sat in her hand. The producer strolled out of the darkness behind set. He raised three fingers and counted down.


Miss Lawson handed her mirror to the producer of which he returned with a microphone and a discreet (but not invisible) wink.


"Ok hands in guys," I said to our group calmly. The four of us put out hands in separately. Hands belonging to four peoplethat had bonded so well and were yet so different. The first hand was mine; long fingers, warm and bigger than the others. The second was Sally's; slightly boney but strong none the less. The thirs was Zack's; Cut, bruised but still capable of picking his girlfriend up after a drunken night out. The fourth was Janette's; smooth yet firm at the same time.


We raised our hands and it felt like our ambitions and determination rose with them. And that was it, the camera's were rolling on Miss Lawson and her golden locks.

The End

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