The Understanding of Leonora MalcolmMature

Leonora Malcolm's one desire was going into psychology and sociology, as she loved to figure out how people's minds worked--and was quite successful at that. But when cocky Jasper Swift tells her she doesn't understand herself, it challenges everything she's believed in. This is the story of how Leonora Malcolm grew to understand.

Everyone has a calling. 

Some with music, some with dance, either way--there's one thing calling out to them.

For me, it was psychology.

My love for it was born when I was around four years old. At the time, my dad was just starting off his career in sociology as an assistant professor. It was bring your kid to work day, and soon, I was going to work with him everyday until I started kindergarten. 

There's something about knowing the way someone will act, perhaps even before they do themselves. In a way, it was almost like a game, or a drug that had be hooked. 

Soon, I found myself understanding people more and more. 

My mother is--simply put--a self-absorbed woman who cares more about the image rather than substance. 

My father is a passionate and loving person, unlike my mother, and was a believer that you should only do things that you like. 

They were complete opposites, and if my little knowledge on love hails true, opposites attract.

Eleanor and Thomas Malcolm had two children, the firstborn was I--Leonora--and the second was Thalia, the apple of my mother's eye. 

Now, don't go on thinking I have an inferiority complex, because I don't. I know the exact reasons my mother prefers Thalia more, and I'm not willing to make the changes for her to love me equal, it wasn't worth it. And no, I'm not cruel, saying no to changing for my mother. To be honest, she isn't exactly locked up in her room crying about me supposedly failing her. 

So yes, I've failed people before, but I hardly care.

That is, until Jasper Swift approached me in the hallway one day and told me,

"Leonora Malcolm, I do not believe you understand yourself."

Because if it's true.

Then I've failed myself. 

The End

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