"Fyren. I must ask, how is Felicia?" Percival said softly. Felicia was his wife. I knew he missed her greatly. Fyren looked away, refusing to meet his father's gaze. "Fyren? You can tell me, I won't be angry..." 

"She... she truly believed you were dead.. so she remarried after only two years.. She has four children with her new husband. He is one of Omageke's main fighters. He brings in the gold, but that is all he is good for. Half the time he is in the tavern, the other half away on 'business trips.'" Fyren spat bitterly. Percival did not get angry, as he promised. He didn't even get upset. He was just accepting. He gulped, took a deep breath, and said:

"So be it. It is her life. She couldn't live without a husband, so she got a new one. Anyway, on with your training, m- Isolde." He corrected himself after I shot him a look. "Fyren, why don't you train with Isolde?" 

"Fight? A lady? I won't." Fyren said immediately.

"What, scared you'll be beaten by a girl, little man?" Flinn laughed. I could definitely sense a jealous vibe coming from him, but I couldn't work out why. 

"No!" Fyren replied. I could feel the sparks beginning to fly. 

"Okay then, lets start this fight." I interjected. I picked up the two wooden swords Percival had whittled way back when, chucking one at Fyren. His arm shot up and caught the handle as it whipped past him. "Good reflexes. Let's see how you use them in a fight." 

I went in for a stab, but he blocked me with his blade, making me rebound. Agilely, I leaped back, then circled in, stabbing at him from behind. Quickly, he jump-turned and caught my blade on his just before I hit him. He could tell I was serious now. Our blades clashed three times in quick succession, then he jumped back, assessing the situation. That gave me an opportunity for a jump attack. I took two steps back, then leaped at him, my blade in both hands behind my head. As I flew through the air, I brought the blade down. I landed. My blade had hit something, far harder than I intended. He was kneeling on the ground, his blade neatly blocking mine. I growled irritably. 

Percival chuckled. He knew that when I got irritable, I got tough. I leaped in with a flurry of attacks, forcing him to parry. I then feinted to the right. He moved his sword to the right as if to block me, but at the last second, and stabbed in from the left, hitting his stomach. I had the upper hand. I slid my blade under his, and prised it from his grip. He was on the floor, my blade against his throat, knees on his stomach, pinning him in seconds. He panted, smiling. 

"I let you win!" He cried. 

"Sure." I said, removing my hand from where it was clamped around his wrist. He rubbed it absently, staring into my eyes. I shivered involuntarily. I felt.. connected to this boy... 

The End

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