Spread the Word.

The next morning, I got up early and dressed in my boy's clothes. When I was younger, it had been easy for me to pretend I was a boy. Now, I had to wear a horrible constricting corset to flatten my chest, and use a few simple charms to change my features to look more manly. Then, Flinn and I left the mountain-side shack we called our home and rode to the nearest town on our horses, Flicker and Noble. 

Once we reached the outskirts of the village, I dismounted, patting Noble, my bay mare, and standing tall, planting my feet. I summoned all my energy, and called it to my finger tips. Then I whispered the magical words, and let loose dozens of little birds from my body. The birds would spread themselves around the kingdom, spreading the news around the network of poor people, spreading the word that the Princess lived, and that all those who wished to stand with her against the Tyrants who called themselves the rulers of this Kingdom should travel undercover of darkness next full moon to the mountain of Sakresh, on the edge of the Kingdom. 

The word was out. Now it was time to wait. And hope that the news of my survival did not fall into the wrong hands... 

The End

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