A Lady Again.

All the glamours and charms that we had used to disguise me had faded over the years. Now, my hair was back in its blonde waves, hanging to my elbows when down. My sparkling, sapphire blue eyes were back, along with my cream and roses skin tone and straight nose, along with the full lips that came with my royal blood. But one thing that would never be the same was my face shape. The puppy-fat that had filled my cheeks had burned away to reveal high cheek bones and strong chin. My figure remained slim, but I had gained a rather hour-glass like figure, with an ample bust and curving hips. Odele told me that every day I looked more like my mother... 

Eight years of hard training, both mental and physical had hardened me. I was now wiry with muscle, and no weakling. I could fight with a sword as well with, of course, magic. My closest servant, Odele, had remembered to pack my Amagi-stone studded circlet, necklace and earrings when we were on the run, and now I wore them, along with a red gown that was once my mothers, and a purple cloak that was the same color as the beautiful Amagi. Flinn and Percival, my two guards, fell to their knees when they first saw me in it. 

"My lady..." They both uttered softly, for the first time in years. 

"What is this?" I laughed. "You have no need to call me a lady! Just because I am dressed up, does not mean I have suddenly gained a higher stature. I am forever in your debt, for hiding me here at your own cost, and for teaching me, training me. I do not ever want to hear you call me 'my lady'. I prefer to be called Isolde by my friends.." 

"My lady, I do not see why you should be indebted to us! It was our duty. We promised your parents that if anything happened to them we would protect you with our lives!" Flinn replied indignantly. 

"Odele, tell them..." I sighed. But Odele offered no support. 

"Princess, you are just so radiant in that dress... Your mother's daughter indeed.. No wonder they feel the need to bow down to you. They sense your royal blood." Odele replied, smoothing my skirts. I just sighed and motioned for them both to stand. 

"Odele, help me out of this silly garment. I can hardly train in this attire!" I scoffed, trying to act normal. 

"Yes, mi'lady." Odele murmured. 

"Oh don't you start!" I muttered irritably, but inside, I knew this was right. I knew I had no right to order them about, they were my seniors, but being called a lady.. a princess... It made my hopes soar. If they really saw royal blood in me.. Maybe others would too... 


The End

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