The Under-cover Princess.

I looked at the floor. There, lying dead and discarded, were my beautiful blonde locks. They had hung to my waist, giving me the beautiful, innocent look a princess should always have. But I was on the run now. The last thing I wanted to look like was a princess. Now, my hair hung to my chin in choppy layers, dyed a reddish-brown color. My blue eyes were changed green with a simply charm, and my face shape altered, giving me a hardened, weathered look. The sort of look you saw on a tough street girl. Dressed in simple, travelling clothes, I hardly recognized myself. The only thing unchanged was my creamy complexion, my full lips and my slim build. I allowed myself one tear, but ended up sobbing, over come with the thought that I may never see my kingdom again... 

My parents were dead, killed by the tyrants who had over thrown the crown. But I, somehow, had managed to escape, and now was readying to leave with only my three closest servants, posing as my family. I was but a child. Ten summers of age, and I was fleeing the kingdom. There and then, I made a vow to myself. I would not abandon my people for ever. I would come back. Many years may pass, but I would come back. I would. Then, I would fight, and I would win. I would reclaim the throne that was rightfully mine, and become the kingdom's benevolent ruler. 

I would not be defeated. 

The End

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