The (Undefeatable?) Mountain

What's your mountain? Whatever it is, it's defeatable. Even when you've finally decided it isn't.

Sometimes, the mountain seems too hard to climb. When you've been knocked to your knees and the mountain is right in front of you - mocking, intimidating you - it's all you can do to stand back up. Put one foot in front of the other. Climb the mountain that scorns your every step.

You've seen other people try to scale the mountain. It seems like people usually give up and run in the other direction. Other people die trying. It would appear that very few actually make it to the other side, and you don't consider yourself one of the triumphant few.

Yet something deep within you - something you can't quite put a finger on - keeps whispering, Try, try, try. And so you do. But trying just isn't enough. So with every footstep, you change the try, try, try to do, do, do. You make yourself believe you can do it.

Suddenly, you stop and look around you. You're not at the bottom anymore. You're halfway up it! Suddenly, every drop of sweat, every sore muscle, every time you've barely managed to take another all seems worth it. Suddenly, you realize something:

I can do this.

So you keep going. You keep pushing yourself forward. Every time you stumble, you pick yourself back up again. Every time you fall a little backwards, you remind yourself that the end is worth every pain. You consider every obstacle to be an incentive to do harder.

When you think you can't go any farther, you see you're just a few yards from the top of the mountain. Your energy is renewed. You're revived. Despite all the scrapes and bruises on your skin, despite the blood you taste on your tongue, despite the fatigue that makes it nearly impossible to climb that last stretch, you quicken your pace. You remind yourself why you're doing this in the first place, and that you haven't come this far to just give up.

You step over the finish line, broken bones, low morale, scraped knees and all. You collapse at the top of the mountain.

You've conquered it - an eating disorder, self-harm, an addiction, an unhealthy relationship, a psychological disorder - whatever your mountain is, you've overcome. You've been beaten down. Countless times, you've almost given up. 

But you did it.

All around you, you can see people conquering their own "undefeatable" mountains.

The End

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