My heart raced, I had never felt such stupidity and anger. I was doing all right until that moment. The child ran straight after me.


The creature was extremely fast. As it was a zombie its speed was unbelievable, if it was an adult zombie, my life would be over by now. We raced each other through out the forest; I just had the edge, as I was older and slightly faster than this zombie, luckily. Blood rushed to my muscles in my legs to keep them warm, I couldn’t stop running, not yet.


I started panting after 10 minutes of non-stop running.  I needed to find a hiding place. As we ran through an area more full of old evergreen trees, I slipped to the floor purposefully and shoved brightly coloured green leaves all over me, with some big branches and twigs to cover my whole body. The child stopped running, not panting at all. (Obviously not out of breath) it noticed I had hidden, and began searching for me.


The next few minutes were the scariest minutes of my life, my breathing increased dramatically, I could barely keep my eyes open, watching this child searching for me, to kill me, and possibly even eat me. My emotions were all over the place, I felt terrified, yet ready to fight if it found me, but how could I kill a child? It would be disgusting of me, and I could never forgive myself, but I knew the time would come, so I changed my thoughts, to a plan to get me out of this horrible mess.


The child started searching right by me after a few minutes; it was literally a few metres from where I was hiding. I had to move; otherwise I was just waiting to be found. As the child turned to face me, I sprung up and stabbed my knife through the main vein in its neck as hard as possible. The child, dropped to the floor, lying silent. I fell to the floor, crying. I couldn’t believe what I had to do, how easily my life could of ended if this zombie was an adult. I regretted having to kill a child, but from now on, that was life, I had to take on whatever I encounter on this journey.


I managed to find the exit of the forest, which lead me into a town named “Surrey ford”.

It was completely deserted, from what I could see. I noticed a pub further into this small town and decided to head for it. Hopefully, there will be food and water there, but what I wished most for was, some survivors.

The End

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